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Zika virus detected in other Indian state

Gujarat has fumigation public areas in an attempt to kill mosquitoes carrying those diseasesIndia's Zika outbreak spreads, with officials saying…

Gujarat has fumigation public areas in an attempt to kill mosquitoes carrying those diseases

India’s Zika outbreak spreads, with officials saying on Sunday that mosquito-borne viruses have been discovered in the western state of Gujarat after nearly 1

50 cases were reported this year in neighboring Rajasthan.

Health issues in Gujarat said that a woman tested positive for Zika and was treated at a state hospital in the capital Ahmedabad, the first confirmed case outside of Rajasthan this year.

“Only one case so far. We take all precautions,” said Gujarat Health Commissioner, Jayanti Ravi, to AFP on Sunday.

The State Health Department has collected hundreds of doctors and medical staff to perform emergency numbers for Zika, including more than 250 pregnant women with fever.

Gujarat, bordering on Rajasthan to the south, has fumigated public areas to kill the mosquitoes carrying the diseases.

Health issues in Rajasthan have detected 147 cases of Zika since September, officials say. Nearly 440,000 people were monitored in Rajasthan’s capital Jaipur last month.

Aedes aegypti mosquito, bearing Zika and other viruses like dengue fever, is common in India.

The country of 1.25 billion reported its first Zika case in January 2017 in Gujarat, but the last case is the first in the state this year.

Since Zika broke out on a large scale in 2015, more than 1.5 million people in more than 70 countries have been infected, mostly in South America.

Rarely, pregnant women can come into contact with the virus, their children may develop brain defects.

Zika was also discovered in the southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu in July 2017. The World Health Organization has said that no vaccine will be available until 2020.

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