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YouTube will join Comcast's X1 boxes later this year

The wonderful wife Maisel won Amazon's first Emmy for best comedy series this year. Nicole Rivelli Comcast opens its gates…

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The wonderful wife Maisel won Amazon’s first Emmy for best comedy series this year.

Nicole Rivelli

Comcast opens its gates to Amazon Prime Video, the cable giant’s latest integration with a technician that has some of the most directly competitive content yet.

The two companies said Wednesday that Comcast would roll out Amazon Prime on X1, the cable company’s high-tech pay-TV service, used by nearly two thirds of its residential cable TV customers next week. They announced their planned partnership in August. That means that X1 subscribers can watch Amazon shows, movies and channels like they would have any other app on their cabling system, and Amazon’s content will be available and searchable on Comcast X1 as a regular channel or show

Moved comes after Comcast, the largest television cable company in the United States, has welcomed digital video contests like Netflix YouTube and Tubi TV after years of tension between traditional pay-TV companies and streaming startups attracts viewers to cut the cord. But Amazon is different: Through its Amazon channel element, the company allows to subscribe to premium cable channels like HBO and Starz via Amazon instead of a traditional TV provider.

This means that Comcast X1 could choose to pay and watch their HBO from Comcast itself or Amazon … through Comcast’s own system.

“Such strategic relationships are important milestones because it only reinforces our ambition to make all choices available to our customers – [put everything] on request at one place,” said Matt Strauss, Comcast’s vice president of Xfinity Services, in an interview. “I think the relationship with Amazon Prime is exciting because it’s just another proof of it.”

It’s also an Amazon first: Amazon Prime Video has never expanded to a traditional TV provider in the United States before.

Amazon wants to “ensure that customers can watch Prime Video on any device they may want,” said Greg Hart, vice president of Amazon Prime Video, even though it is a cable company.

X1 users will be able to flip to any video on Amazon seamlessly from the same interface where they choose from the selection of live tv or video on request. The service’s voice command button on the remote control will work with Amazon, so customers can simply tell their TV to turn on their favorite programs or something else on Amazon.

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