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YouTube for Android encourages you to take a break after a marathon of videos (if you want)

YouTube for Android encourages you to take a break after a marathon of videos (if you want)

One of the most striking proposals presented bywas the, through which to use technology to help users to detach themselves from it when necessary. As part of this initiative, one of the measures announced was the appearance of notices intended for YouTube users, encouraging them to take a break from the platform after a marathon of videos.

Now, as they say, this feature is now available through the latest version of the YouTube application , and we have been able to know more details about its operation.

So you can activate notifications to take a break on YouTube

Apparently, the new option starts from the initiative Digital Well Being , has appeared in the ** version 13.18.54 of the YouTube application for Android **, in the form of an option that can be manually activated by the user with the title “Remember to take a break” , and the possibility of choosing if you want to receive the notification at 15, 30, 60, 90 or 180 minutes of viewing videos.

To activate this measure, you only have to access the available YouTube configuration accessible from our profile image located in the upper right corner, and later accessing the “General” section . Once activated, when the time defined by the user passes, the application itself will stop the video that is playing, and a warning will appear that encourages taking a break. In case of discarding the notification, it will be possible to continue watching the video , or access the settings of the option and readjust the warning time.

The YouTube version that incorporates this option just been released on Google Play , and therefore it is possible that some users still take a few days to receive it. Meanwhile, we encourage you to leave in the comments your opinion on this type of measures aimed at improving the habits of users