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Your Summer-to-Fall Skin Care Transition Routine

The thought of saying adios to the hot months has never felt this good. We have survived another Dubai summer…

The thought of saying adios to the hot months has never felt this good. We have survived another Dubai summer (if you’ve been here you’ll understand), and we can now start thinking of the things we’ll do when the cool breeze starts blowing. However, with the season transitioning to Fall, you’ll need to change more than just your wardrobe and social calendar! This is because you’ll need to maintain that radiant (though tanned) skin that has also survived the scorching heat and the freezing AC, and there’s nothing better than adopting a skin care transition routine.

Tricky Fall

A lesser known fact about Fall is that it can be, can be a tricky season for your skin. During the transition, when the weather is unpredictable and unstable, there will be days when your skin feels dry and dull and other days when it is oily and acne prone. Therefore a  skin care transition routine is absolutely essential.

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The skincare experts from Himalaya are helping us out with a transition skin care regimen that works best for your skin in these difficult skin times.

Skin CareTransition Routine

It is most likely that you are still using your summer face wash/cleanser. Now would be a good time to make the switch, but you have to be gradual. Understand the weather, the days will still be warm with high humidity levels and the evenings will get slightly cooler. Continue to use your oil control cleanser (most likely one made of natural ingredients like neem, lemon etc.), to combat the sweating and pore-clogging during the day and go in for a richer, thicker and moisturizing cleanser during the night. This will help your skin cope easily with the continuously changing weather conditions. Keeping it oil free for the day will keep acne at bay and moisturizing at night gets the skin prepped for the cooler, drier weather.

Your Summer-to-Fall Skin Care Transition

Continue exfoliating

The harshness of the summer sun may have reduced but not its effects; due to the travel and beaching you indulged in. It is recommended that you continue exfoliating your skin to remove the blemishes and dark spots. But ensure you reduce your exfoliation frequency. For the summer it is apt to exfoliate around 2-3 times a week but doing it as often, when the temperatures fall, will leave your skin feeling dry and washed out. So be consistent but restrict exfoliating to a maximum of twice a week.

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For the skin care transition to work, from Fall onwards, make sure your cleansing and exfoliating routine are followed by moisturizing. Using a light moisturizer in the summer is recommended, as moisturizers with a heavy base can clog your pores. Come Fall you need to start preparing your skin for the cool dry winds and lack of moisture in the air. As the skin will naturally start producing less oil in the cooler months, people with dry skin need to step up their moisturization routine. Use moisturizing creams that will help keep your skin from getting flaky and dry. People with an oily skin type can continue with their summer moisturizer during the day but use a deeper penetrating one at night.

Your Summer-to-Fall Skin Care Transition

Use a hydrating mask

It would be a good idea to visit a spa at this time, but an equally good (economically as well) alternative would be to apply a hydrating mask made of natural ingredients, at home. The masks used in the summer are a lot different from the ones you will be using now. While the summer facial masks are made to remove deeply embedded dirt due to sweat, the Fall/winter facial mask will help moisturize and nourish your skin. Masks made of coconut oil, almond, honey or yogurt are extremely hydrating and can work wonders for your skin in minutes, during the cooler months.

Avoid water

Yes, you heard that right, but only on the face. Washing your face with water too often, especially as it gets cooler, can wash off the natural oils from your skin. Instead, use moisturizing facial wipes to cleanse your skin during the day. Restrict washing your face to once in the morning and once at night. Facial wipes made of Aloe Vera and tangerine will keep your skin clean as well as hydrated.

Your Summer-to-Fall Skin Care Transition

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Drink more water

While using water on the face can dehydrate it, drinking water can keep it hydrated all day long. As the temperatures fall the humidity levels also fall simultaneously, this means the air lacks natural moisture that will keep your skin hydrated. Therefore it is very important you drink sufficient amount of water throughout the day.

Adopting a skin care transition regimen is not difficult, but following it regularly is! Make sure you are consistent and ensure that the change is gradual. Let your skincare routine for the Fall season be a good blend of your summer and winter products, used in varying proportions to suit your skin.

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