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Your smartphone can become a lie detector

Your smartphone can become a lie detector

Smartphones, today, have all kinds of utilities. Cameras, multimedia players, mini-laptops … What if we told you that you could soon use your phone as a lie detector?

The curious topic to be discussed today invites us to reflect on how artificial intelligence is advancing, that every time he learns more about our behavior , allowing to interpret and predict it.

This is how telephones are becoming detectors of lies

As we read in Cnet , researchers are already working on algorithms that allow the phone to identify the truth and the lie . In particular, at the University of Copenhagen, work is being done on this topic.

Said algorithm has received the name of Veritaps, and allows detecting lies at the level of a polygraph, according to its creators . This algorithm of machine learning only works on Android, and promises to learn from human behavior to distinguish truth from lies. Its creators say that AI allows us to learn about behavior in a much more precise way, and that this is a real change in the game .

Machine learning and deep learning allow us to learn about the patterns of lying versus telling the truth in a much better way, “this is a game changer.”

This is how Veritaps knows if you are lying

Your smartphone can become a lie detector

Your smartphone can become a lie detector

To put Veritaps into operation, the researchers conducted three studies. The objective was check how lying affects users of a mobile device . The truth is that, obviously, there were differences in the behavior of those who lied and those who did not. In the case of the users who had to lie, the response time was greater , situation that was repeated in each of the three experimental situations.

What would be the purpose of an algorithm of this type? Their creators tell us that, mainly, Veritaps would be used to prevent fraud at different levels ; tax returns, insurance, sales … It would be a tool focused on this use, rather than the judicial or criminal, for which they would continue to use traditional instruments.

As you can see, The potential of our smartphones is spectacular , and soon we will be able to see how they are able to replace and overcome technical instruments that have been functioning for years and years.

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