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Young scientists develop enviro-friendly bricks from urine

October 28, 2018 Science 0 Views Researchers have still not developed cures for colds, but who cares? The young scientists…

Researchers have still not developed cures for colds, but who cares? The young scientists in the world focus their attention on what is most important: bricks made of piss.

A group of South African students recently developed a brick made of human urine. It is a radical breakthrough for us who are used to clay, concrete and metaphorical stones.

They call them “bio-tiles”.

“In this example you take something that is considered waste and you can use the same process for all waste streams. It’s about re-examining things,” said Dyllon Randall, who supervised the University of Cape Town student project, The Guardian .

The bricks are believed to be the world’s first made of urine. It needs at least 30 liters of urine to grow.

To look like how average human urinates an average of 300 ml per pee, there are a lot of bathroom tours.

Urine that is not used to make the brick can be processed as fertilizer. Best of all: Urine biostars do not have to be fired as common bricks, which emits carbon dioxide into the atmosphere as the Scientists consider them efficiently nolvfall.

Climate change is here and accelerating. We must rebuild this world, a piss brick at a time if we have to.

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