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You will no longer be able to unlock the bootloader of Huawei smartphones


Goodbye to the facilities provided by Huawei facing the custom ROM developers Y tweaks . And is that the manufacturer has just recorded that will stop the service by which users can unlock the bootloader of Huawei smartphones through a code.

In a way, the manufacturers of Android smartphones they look askance Scene , practices that allow modifying and optimizing phone software and even i Install custom ROM . In this sense, Huawei was one of the few that did not put too many obstacles to these practices. So much so that he had a service to provide his clients with the bootloader unlock codes of Huawei smartphones.

It will no longer be possible to unlock the bootloader of Huawei smartphones

However, the manufacturer has just ended the service dramatically. So we have been able to know through one of the most prominent personalities in the Scene of Android, the creator of MoDaCo. And is that Paul O’Brien has recorded the news in his profile on Twitter, which has published a screenshot with a notice of Huawei.

In the same, the manufacturer indicates that it stops offering support for the unlocking of the bootloader of their smartphones from this same day, May 24. Likewise, it confers a 60-day margin to those users who wish to unlock their previously acquired devices.

You will no longer be able to unlock the bootloader of Huawei smartphones

However, it is the countdown to stop a service much appreciated by those who are interested in the Scene Android. And is that the unlocking of the Bootloader is essential for the installation of a recovery and the subsequent installation of custom ROMs.

No download of official firmwares, and now without unlock codes

It is striking that this announcement is produced in a somewhat silent, shortly after the brand itself removed the downloads page of the official firmwares for their smartphones. It is clear that Huawei now stands on the side of preventing users from “touching” the software of their products.