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You need Bitcoin to buy HTC's first blockchain phone – BGR

HTC on Tuesday unveiled the Exodus 1, its first-ever blockchain phone and a device that's supposed to change the way…

HTC on Tuesday unveiled the Exodus 1, its first-ever blockchain phone and a device that’s supposed to change the way we think about smart devices. The handset looked promising in teasers and announcements that preceded the phone’s launch, but if you were hoping that HTC invented some sort of new operating system, based solely on blockchain technology, then you’ll be disappointed to find out the Exodus 1 is still an Android handset.

Let’s get the boring stuff out of the way before we get to the exciting blockchain tech built into the Exodus 1. It’s not to say that it does not have features available on almost any Android or iPhone model that’s currently in use. The phone is practically a blockchain version of HTC’s U1

2 + flagship, featuring a 6-inch QuadHD + display with 18: 9 aspect ratio, Snapdragon 845 chip, 6GB or RAM, 128GB or storage, 16-megapixel dual camera, 8-megapixel dual self camera , IP68 rating, 3,500 mAh battery, and Android Oreo.

The blockchain part consists of a secure enclave on the phone that is protected from Android, which will hold the keys to your crypto, non-fungible tokens og “all your digital data “at some point down the road. Det er uklart at dette peker på hvordan HTC vil sette alle dataene i enklaven, men selskapet sa i tidligere teasers at en av de formålene med en blokkeklins telefon er at tillate brukere å kontrollere deres data.

Image Source: HTC

Additionally, HTC developed a Social. This is an Android phone, some of which data still flows to Google. Key Recovery Mechanism, dat is bedoeld om u te helpen bij het herstellen van uw sleutels als uw telefoon is verloren, stolen, of u vergeet hen. Den processen involverer at få et par sikre kontakter som vil downloade en key management app. Derefter vil din seed bli delt via en hemmelig delingsalgoritme og sendt til de betroede kontaktene. Og det er det du trenger for å få tilgang til dine midler. HTC says it will not hold your keys in a central location at any point, but we’re yet to see any demos of how this all works.

HTC says in the press release that the new phone is dedicated to decentralized applications and security, “but it will be interesting to see what sort of decentralized apps this phone will run as long as it’s based on Android.

Being a blockchain phone, the Exodus 1 can be purchased only for crypto. 0.15 Bitcoin or 4.78 Ethereum will get you a phone. That’s $ 958 and $ 950, respectively, but the prices will change by the time. I finished typing these words. That’s how crypto works. The phone can be purchased via the early access program at this link and will be available in 34 countries including the US.

Image Source: HTC

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