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You do not imagine: Air quality suddenly got worse in the Bay Area

Marc Stokes shared this combined photo, once a week, showing how thick the smoke is currently in the SF Bay…

The deck of wild wax soaked the San Francisco Bay Area became thicker Thursday and the air quality deteriorated rapidly.

at 13.00, San Francisco was among the most polluted air in the region with an air quality index reading of 211, which lies in the “very unhealthy” range, which means that outdoor activities should be avoided.

This marks the highest reading the city has seen since Camp Fire began a week ago; It is also higher than any reading during the tragic North Bay Fire in October 2012.

This afternoon, the index was in San Jose 182, in San Rafael 174 and in Oakland 198; These readings lie in the “unhealthy” range. “Good” air quality falls within the range 0-50.

The inhabitants have choked on smoking, eye-catching smoke for several days, when Camp Fire in Butte County continues to rage. The violent conditions have closed schools, interrupted sporting events, and led many to buy special masks to filter out the particles. San Francisco Airport has scene delays due to low visibility in recent days.

The meteorologist Drew Peterson, the National Weather Service, says smoke from the fire fills the Sacramento Valley and creates a deep reservoir of polluted air. The current weather pattern has a light wind that gently drives the smoke from the valley to the southwest towards Delta. When the smoke hits this narrower opening in the valley, it flares and spreads across the Bay Area. Here the air is stagnant, and small smoke flies through the thin door of the golden gate.

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“More smoke can enter Central Valley than to walk through the Golden Gate,” explains Peterson. “We only get this steady feed of smoke from Central Valley and once it’s here, there’s no way to get out. “

He adds:” Within the last 36 hours this is definitely the worst air quality we’ve seen, a lot of smoke leaves state. The only smoke that has left the state goes through Golden Gate Gap and through Point Reyes. Almost all the smoke generated by this fire ends here. “

Further, a temperature inversion helps to trap the smoke.

During the day we see the 70’s, but at night temperatures are really cold in the 30’s and 40’s,” explains Simrun Dhoot, a spokesman with Bay Area Air Quality Management District. “It creates an inversion layer and that’s what captures air pollution near the ground.”

MORE: Is it enough indoors to save you from fire smoke? [19659012] Livermore is located just south of Delta and the smoke pours into this At 8 am, Livermore recorded the worst reading in the region with an air quality index that entered “very unhealthy” at 205. At noon, things had improved and the index dropped to 193. On Thursday morning, sight in the east bay city was a mile: on a day of clean air it’s more than 10 miles.

The current weather pattern is expected to stay over the weekend with still poor air quality. “Tomorrow is expected to be in the” unhealthy “to” very unhealthy “range, says Dhoot.

Sunday evening, a weak system is expected to kick up more powerful winds that mixes up the atmosphere and cleans out some of the smoke. Later in the week the rain shower is expected to clean up the air even more.

“I want people to know they are not the only ones who suffer,” says Peterson. “Air quality is worse in Sacramento and Butte County. So bad as this still has people who have lost everything in this fire.”

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