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You can use Paypal to pay with Gmail and YouTube on your mobile


Google has initiated a new commercial strategy that took its first steps with the integration of all its payment services under Google Pay at the beginning of the year. The objective was to facilitate the task of making a payment to the maximum, and now this strategy continues with developments in Paypal.

Everything indicates that Google will initiate a new agreement with Payal, which will produce an even closer relationship between both companies, since users will be able to perform payments within the Google ecosystem without having to abandon the application in question, which includes being able to pay from Youtube, Gmail or the same Google Store, among other environments of the Google suite.

News in Paypal: uninterrupted payments

One of the things that bothers most when buying a certain product is the fact of having to leave the page in question to have to open a payment service. Google plans to eradicate this problem through a deep integration of services.

For this, users will only have to Add your Paypal data to your Google account , which will allow them to pay bills, make purchases of items and even make transfers to other people without having to log in to Paypal.

You can use Paypal to pay with Gmail and YouTube on your mobile

The truth is that Google and Payal have already a few years collaborating each other, since Google Play supports payments with Paypal since 2014 and the same Google Pay has in Paypal one of its recognized forms of payment, among other partners such as Stripe, Visa or Mastercard.

If we stop to think about it, this new agreement is very beneficial for all parties involved since Google gets users to spend more time on their sites, Paypal sees the number of transactions (and income from them) increased and the user has more facility to buy things.

The era of instant payments

Companies are no longer interested in getting used to buying online, they want us to buy more and buy from them.

In a world in which payment options are becoming more abundant and in which there are many online shopping options, companies are desperately looking for a way to be who takes all the user’s attention and manage to complete a transaction in your favor.

You can use Paypal to pay with Gmail and YouTube on your mobile

You can use Paypal to pay with Gmail and YouTube on your mobile

Apart from its variety of products and its great customer service, one of the main advantages of Amazon It’s how easy it is to buy something in your store either from your PC or your mobile. Once the account is configured and the credit card is introduced, the purchase process is completely fluid, and that makes things much easier.

If every time we had to make a purchase we had to leave the site in question and fill out forms, it is more than possible that we thought twice before completing the process, and that is precisely what these developments in Paypal intend to avoid .

Google follows in this way the steps of Microsoft that already integrated at the beginning of the month Microsoft Pay in Outlook, although we are sure that due to the strength of the Google ecosystem, this new collaboration with Paypal will be reflected in a much higher number of revenues.

You can use Paypal to pay with Gmail and YouTube on your mobile

You can use Paypal to pay with Gmail and YouTube on your mobile

Another aspect would be a reflection of the consequences for the average user of all this payment facility. Companies want to take advantage of people’s impulsiveness, complete a purchase before we can look for product alternatives or simply assess in depth if we really need something.

This is something that in the long run may not be good for users, although of course, Google and Paypal can easily claim that nobody forces us to buy anything, and they would be right; but it does require us to at least a greater degree of self-control and, above all, reflect in a certain way on our consumption habits.

For now this integration will start its trial period in the USA , but it will not take long to extend to the rest of the countries. We will inform you.