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You can play Steam games on your mobile thanks to Steam Link


If there is something envied by console players and smartphone players alike, it is the system used by Steam (and especially its abundant offers and discounts campaigns). Soon everything will change after the company confirmed a few hours ago that play Steam games on your mobile thanks to Steam Link.

Steam Link It was born as a small device that connects to the network and to a screen of our home to send via streaming all the content of our Steam account to the chosen device. This is the concept we found in the announcement of the Steam Link app for iOS and Android that will allow play Steam games on your mobile in a more than near future.

You can play Steam games on your mobile thanks to Steam Link

He Steam Link Original was perfectly capable of running PC games on any TV in our home without having to move our computer throughout the house. Finally Valve has realized the huge market to exploit that he has in the field of mobile telephony, for which he is now preparing to launch a free Steam Link application for iOS and Android devices. According to the company, it should appear in the application markets of both platforms before the end of the month.

Steam on the mobile, finally

However, playing Steam games on your mobile requires, just like the original device Steam Link, a PC ready to run high-end games. Once this requirement is met Valve takes care of the rest, transmitting low latency video of those games to virtually any phone, tablet or TV at home. You only have to synchronize PC and smartphone via Wi-Fi, since the phones obviously do not have the luxury of having an ethernet port, like the computer or the old Steam device.

With Steam Link, the app needed to run Steam games on the mobile l, the brand has presented Steam Video, a new platform for streaming video which will be released later, near summer. Unlike Steam Link, Steam Video allows the enjoyment of hundreds of movies and series directly on iOS and Android devices via WiFi or mobile network.

Steam Link is scheduled to arrive on the App Store and Google Play Store on May 21. Steam Video I should get to app stores a month later.