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You can now use and post Instagram photos in your Stories without taking screenshots


Instagram just made an official new function that I had been testing for months. It’s about the ability to Share Instagram photos from your Stories without need to Take screenshots . A tool that reaches Android and very soon he will do it in the iOS app . We tell you all the details and how this works Instagram’s novelty .

How many times have you encountered a photo on Instagram what do you want share with your friends? One of the options is to carry out a screenshot to get hold of that snapshot, edit it and upload it again. An action not very well seen and that Instagram was trying to stop with a notification system that warned the owner of the publication and the one who was capturing the action. Today, Instagram makes things easier for all users of the platform by adding an option that allows Share and post Instagram photos in your Stories , with advantages for “both sides”.

How to post Instagram photos in your Stories

As of today, the application of the social photo network integrates a new tool. As we anticipated, it facilitates the user the possibility of share Instagram photos of public profiles through the stories .

Therefore, from now on, if we find an Instagram picture that we like and want to use it in our Stories, we will only have to press the icon in the form of a paper airplane, as if we were going to send the publication to our friends. . The difference is that now the “option” appears at the top Create a story with this publication

You can now use and post Instagram photos in your Stories without taking screenshots

By clicking on it, we will have the ability to customize the photo with the Instagram editing tools to later publish the final result through our Instagram Stories. The graphic example offered by the company is sufficiently explicit.

The final publication will appear as we have designed and customized it, but with a small legend that shows the profile of the account from which we have extracted the photo in question. In the same way, our contacts will have the option of visiting the original photo from a label that will automatically be associated with the story.

This new option is already available in the Android app, and will do so in brief in the application for iPhone and iPad. And do not forget to follow our MovilZona account on Instagram , from which you will have access to all our content, information and photos, many photos of both the most current mobile phones in the market and the snapshots related to it.