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You can now try the Google Phone app

479 We have been talking about the Google Phone application for some time. An app to manage calls and messages…


We have been talking about the Google Phone application for some time. An app to manage calls and messages that gradually improves its functionality. If a few months ago we showed you the i Integration of the app with Duo now the big G just confirmed that the application we can already try the Phone application from Google when moving to open beta.

In addition not only has it become open beta so that any user can try the Google Phone application but also has been updated with a new feature that Automatically filters unwanted calls. No, it does not mean that when an operator calls us to make an offer, we will block the call, but it will prevent spam calls from ringing on our Android device.

How to test the Google Phone application

While it is true that you could download the APK to be among the first to try the Google Phone application, until now it was not possible to do it officially. Although it seems that Google wants to step on the accelerator and launch a definitive version of your app so it has decided to allow us to be beta testers of your app calls and messages.

When opening the Phone application for any user with an Android device to try the giant app based in Mountain View, the manufacturer gets a large number of users to become beta tester.

For that reason the company is asking all those Android users who want to try the Google Phone app Do not hesitate to comment all the problems that you are seeing to help improve the app of the great G. Although It is not mandatory to report failures while testing the Google phone application , yes that you will be able to help in its development before it officially arrives at the ecosystem of applications of the Internet giant.

It is expected that the Google Phone application arrive this same Google Play so the stable version could arrive over the next few weeks. Do you want to try the Google Phone app before anyone else? Well, you just have to follow these simple steps.

  • Once you have done it, you will only have to leave the application to update to the open beta version and you will be able to try the Google Play Phone application without any problems.

As expected, this app is in beta so it is very likely that you detect errors, a minor evil considering the anti spam filter that brings the app, plus the fact that you can always leave the beta tester program and return in the future.

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