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You can now see if someone has changed the review of an application on Google Play!

Google Play ratings are one of the indicators that we trust the most when it comes to getting an idea…

Google Play ratings are one of the indicators that we trust the most when it comes to getting an idea of ​​whether the application we are about to buy is worth it or not, despite all the falsehoods that have taken place.

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And now, Google has decided to enable a very interesting option, in which we can see the previous ratings and reviews of users, that is, the editions they have made of them, let’s see how it is done!

Google Play Ratings

Where I said, I say Diego … So you can see the editions in the reviews of other users

When you download an application, Google Play grants you permission to evaluate an application and, if you wish, write a review about it, describing your experience with it so that it will help users who are considering whether to install or buy it.

Now, as we can read in Android Police, Google has enabled an option so we can see if the user in question who has written that review, has changed his mind at some time.

Google play reviews

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To access this appraisal history, all you have to do is go to Google Play and, once there, look for any application, if possible one that has many reviews, that way there will be more chances that someone has edited yours.

Now, you only have to click on the menu of said assessment or review, and click on the “View change history” button. Once you do this, you will go to another screen where you will be shown all the editions you have made, besides the date in which each one has taken place.

If, on the other hand, that button does not appear, this implies that the user has never edited their rating and, therefore, there is nothing to show.

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