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You can now play HDR videos from YouTube on your iPhone X


He iPhone X not only was it the first of the iPhones to mount a screen without frames and with notch . It was also – with permission from the Apple Watch – the precursor of the introduction of OLED panels in the catalog Apple smartphones . A change that leads to many technical improvements, including support for HDR technology . A characteristic that now the owners of the iPhone X can take advantage of YouTube HDR videos .

And we say from now on because this possibility was not available before, at least for the iPhone X . While the HDR content I landed in Youtube at the end of 2016 and the first compatible Android smartphones they were able to play this kind of videos one year later , it’s now when the owners of the new iPhone with OLED screen they will be able to extract the maximum qualities of this panel. This has been reported by the first users in Reddit , since there has been no official announcement from YouTube.

YouTube HDR videos, finally compatible with the iPhone X

Netflix Y Amazon were the first companies to announce the compatibility of their service streaming video with the HDR technology . A way in which users in possession of an iPhone X could take advantage of the OLED panel’s built-in screen. However, as unlikely as it seems, the video streaming service par excellence, the most popular of all, not yet offered for Apple users.

You can now play HDR videos from YouTube on your iPhone X

Luckily, it starts diffuse YouTube has just activated the ability to play HDR videos from the iPhone X . A simple option to activate given that we only have to perform the same operation as when we choose the resolution of the video . As the example captures show, in the list of available resolutions, HDR will now appear in those videos that have been recorded with this technology.

In this way, the Play HDR videos on YouTube will provide a sharper image, with higher quality perception, since the screen is ready to offer a greater dynamic range and contrast . You can now play HDR videos from YouTube on your iPhone X

You can now play HDR videos from YouTube on your iPhone X

iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPad Pro versus YouTube HDR

By way of clarification, the owners of the iPhone 8 Y iPhone 8 Plus they will not be able to experience the same visual sensation as those who have an iPhone X since the screen of the first ones, although Apple determines that it is compatible with HDR10 and Dolby Vision , the truth is that they do not have the adequate hardware.

As for the iPad Pro , another Apple device that does have native support for HDR content thanks to its screen with LED backlight , there is no information about it, so we do not know when it will be possible to take advantage of YouTube HDR videos.

For those who want to try this change, here is a 4K video compatible with HDR technology.