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Once the Xiaomi Mi 8 , Xiaomi Mi 8 SE Y Xiaomi Mi 8 Explorer Edition they are official, the first software packages of the most awaited update by the users of the brand: they begin to reach the first compatible phones MIUI 10 . Thanks to this you can now download the wallpapers of MIUI 10 and Xiaomi Mi 8 .

Xiaomi has been showing small details of the design of MIUI 10 for quite some time. In fact, for days, the company’s developers have been testing the alpha / beta versions of MIUI 10 in a closed manner. It is evident that among the news of MIUI 10 we found numerous references and features of Android P, but what is initially more original are its new wallpaper.

You can now download the wallpapers of MIUI 10 and Xiaomi Mi 8

You can now download the wallpapers of MIUI 10 and Xiaomi Mi 8

These wallpapers of MIUI 10 are the same as you can find in the Xiaomi Mi 8 , smartphone that can be purchased in the coming days through the majority of Chinese mobile distributors who dream of selling this type of device.

Download the wallpapers of MIUI 10 and the Xiaomi Mi 8

All the wallpapers that we leave you a little below have a resolution of 1080 x 2160 pixels Full HD +. As you know, MIUI 10 is ready to work with full-screen phones, which is why these wallpapers of the Xiaomi Mi 8 and the operating system of the firm present this resolution. However, this does not mean that they can not be used in smartphones with more classic screens. Also, since the brand’s latest flagship arrives with MIUI 10, there are also some wallpapers that are inspired by the Xiaomi Mi 8.

The latest update of the operating system comes with a total of 5 new official wallpapers ready to apply on the phones where we download the software. Given the Full HD + resolution of the wallpapers of MIUI 10 and Xiaomi Mi 8 , they will look good on all smartphones, except in the range top phones that have a higher resolution display, such as a QuadHD resolution.

To apply wallpapers to your mobile just download and unzip this file on your smartphone Then select the image that you like and configure it as desktop wallpaper or as a lock screen image on your mobile phone.