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You can now download the HTC U12 Plus wallpapers


Next week will be presented the new top of range of HTC, a firm that in recent years has lost its privileged position in the market, in favor of other Asian firms more powerful. Before they are presented, you can download the wallpapers of the HTC U12 Plus .

This week we knew new details about the new top of the range of the Asian firm, a phone that will have nothing to envy the rest of the high-end market, but will have a hard work ahead to recover the lost prestige.

Download the HTC U12 Plus wallpapers for your mobile

The wallpapers are undoubtedly one of the most popular elements in the mobile world. In fact every time a new mobile comes to the market many expect to be able to get their screen funds to dress their terminal of the foreign art of these new phones. And in the case of the HTC U12 Plus, although it may not be the most anticipated mobile of the moment, its wallpapers can also give a new and fresh touch to our terminal . Some funds that you can already download.

These funds can be downloaded in a compressed file, in which there are 10 different wallpapers . All with a fresh, colorful design that will undoubtedly give a special touch to our phone, regardless of which is our phone. These wallpapers have sufficient resolution for a QHD resolution screen , so in the vast majority of mobile phones in the market, it will be perfectly, unless you have one of the Xperia Premium that have 4K resolution.

You can now download the HTC U12 Plus wallpapers

They have a square aspect, which will allow them to slide the desk from one side to another in a dynamic way. From the HTC U12 Plus that will be presented this week, next May 23 , it is expected in addition to an excellent design and some finishes of first, a screen with 18: 9 aspect ratio, with QHD + resolution as a consequence of the larger screen size. He processor will be the Snapdragon 845 , the most powerful of the moment. While the RAM would be 6GB, while the internal storage would reach 64GB and 128GB. Finally, a dual camera is expected, with 12 and 16 megapixel sensors, as well as an 8 megapixel front one. If you want to be connected with more enthusiasts of the brand, you can visit the new HTC forum of Movilzona.