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A few days ago the Google assistant gradually incorporated the functions of Google Lens to the assistant of our phone or to maximize the world around us with the camera of our phone. Unfortunately, being a progressive update, not everyone could make use of the functions of this tool. Now that you can download Google Lens as a standalone app This problem is relegated to the past.

This way, if it is not yet available on your Android device, Google Lens Now it’s available as a stand-alone application in the Google Play Store, where it just arrived a few hours ago. The only requirement that you must meet in order to install the new Google app in your phone is that you have Android 6.0 or higher installed. If you meet it, you simply have to download the application and grant the camera access permission to start working on your smartphone.

Download Google Lens for Android

How does Google Lens work?

Google Lens is a tool presented in the Google I / O last year, a new feature that is added to the camera of our phone to get extra information of what we focus on it. In this way we can focus on a restaurant and know its schedules, a movie poster and get the synopsis or even a plate of food and see information on the recipe (in the future). But not only does this new feature live, since it also allows barcode and text scanning, which serves to function as a translator.

Google Lens is combined with other phone applications like the dialer, allowing to call a number, the calendar, allowing to add an event to the calendar, or the notebook, since one of the most useful tools of Google Lens is to copy and paste text.

You can now download Google Lens as a standalone app

You can now download Google Lens as a standalone app

As we can read in some opinions the application does not seem to work on some devices. We have tested it on a personal basis in a Huawei P10 and the truth is that when it comes to executing its functions it also presents problems. The application has been tested with Android Oreo and with Android Nougat and in some terminals it works and in others it does not, without distinction of software. It is likely that all these problems are solved in the next few hours with a patch for the new Google application.