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You can now customize your metallic Xiaomi by recording text or images with laser technology

You can now customize your metallic Xiaomi by recording text or images with laser technology

The boys ofthey live their big week, as the popular Chinese firm prepares for this Thursday the international launch of its new flagship , an expectedthat will not come only, but well accompanied by theand new software services that extend the experience of the new MIUI 10 , that will arrive.

It seems that theand then the world market continues its slow but safe course, opening stores already at a good pace in many countries of the old continent, and with differential services with which the Chinese firm aims to convince users , that nevertheless already they were convinced by their attractive prices.

The last of these value-added services of Xiaomi brings us the maximum customization of your devices , something in which the Chinese manufacturer has also thought for its most cutting-edge devices with the obvious limitations of the crystal , here you have the preciousthat we hope will come true on Thursday.

The Xiaomi Experience Store will customize with laser your Xiaomi metallic … and free!

The color and the finishes are not innovation but they help to sell, it’s always good to have options, and in Xiaomi devices with metal casing you will have them all, well then Record any text, logo or image on your back using laser technology.

It’s not that it’s something too new , the second generation iPod Nano in 2006 or the Nexus One in 2010 allowed it, albeit in a limited way, to short texts, It’s not that it’s too difficult , it can be done by anyone who has the laser machine and the calibrated software, but Xiaomi is the first manufacturer enable a space in your stores to perform the task with custom designs.

So that, All Xiaomi Experience Store will allow to engrave custom motifs, texts or designs in the metal casing of any Xiaomi device, for free and in the blink of an eye

Undoubtedly one more step from Xiaomi that will please his followers, and that begins in India to be subsequently deployed in all the Experience Store from the Chinese manufacturer throughout the world. If you want to gossip a store in full you have an extensive video just above, and here we leave you a gallery with the engraving process on a smartphone:

PS: Surely you would have noticed in recent times how some organizations or sports teams had ‘merchandising’ in the form of customized Xiaomi smartphones with lasers, and as an example, we leave you the smartphone of the. Surely it will not be the only …

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