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You can now create your own filters on Snapchat


Snapchat does not give up. The social network of photography does not stop receiving requests from the ecosystem of applications of Mark Zuckerberg that does not stop copying functions to take more market share every day. A few months ago they presented Lens Studio and now launches a series of templates so that we can c rear our own filters on Snapchat.

Lens Studio It allowed developers to add augmented reality objects on Snapchat and now the Snap guys want the number of available masks to increase exponentially. And what better way than letting us create new filters on Snapchat to our liking!

You can now create your own filters on Snapchat

So are the new Lens Studio templates to create filters on Snapchat

There are a lot of options, with more or less capacity, such as the possibility of adding facial paint or a nir three-dimensional objects to our selfies and, as you can see in the images that accompany this article, the results are really amazing.

The team behind Lens Studio says that No less than five minutes can create filters on Snapchat thanks to its simplicity: you only have to upload the mask to Snap to generate a Snapcode automatically. By touching on it appears on Snapchat for 24 hours, but will remain available for a year to use it as many times as you want.

You can now create your own filters on Snapchat

You can now create your own filters on Snapchat

In addition, Snapchat filters that you have created you can share with other users by clicking twice on it. To promote this new service there will be a new story where the most amazing photographs will be published through the discover tab.

Next to Snapchat’s new personalized filters, Lens Studio has integrated Giphy so we can add GIF in Lens quickly and easily. And if we take into account that in the first two months since the birth of Lens Studio more than 30,000 Lens were created, it is clear that the success of the new Snapchat filters will be overwhelming.

It is a reality that Snapchat it does not go through its best moment. Your spectacles glasses, although it was an interesting idea , have not set in the market and every day that Instagram or Facebook copied each of the novelties of the social network, although with this new movement Snapchat has made it clear that has rope for a while.