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Xiaomi will manufacture its own cameras for smartphones


Samsung has revolutionized the market with its variable Aperture system implicit in the camera of the Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus. Huawei has done the same by integrating a third camera sensor in the back of the Huawei P20 Pro . Sony has managed to get its cameras record videos in slow motion at 960 fps with predictive approach. Now Xiaomi wants to participate in the evolution of mobile photography by making its own cameras for smartphones .

It is clear that one of the aspects that help users opt for the purchase of a mobile or another is the camera. The photographic component is increasingly important for customers, which is why Chinese mobile phone manufacturers have focused in recent years on launching phones with cameras high-end Xiaomi It has always been a step behind in this aspect, since its cameras are not the most outstanding of its mobile phones, which, on the other hand, boast a great value for money.

The first positions of DxOMark are not reserved for Xiaomi, whose best mobiles in the list are the Xiaomi Mi Note 3 and the Xiaomi Mi MIX 2S , supported with Artificial Intelligence technology. Now an internal email from Xiaomi’s CEO, Lei Jun, has leaked on the Web revealing that the company is planning to set up a new department of Photography to achieve its goal of launching phones with better performance cameras.

Xiaomi will manufacture its own cameras for smartphones

Improving Xiaomi cameras

According to the filtered email that we hosted on these lines, Lei Jun indicates that photography has become one of the key factors for many users when it comes to buying new phones. that is why the company has decided to establish a separate camera department within the division of mobile phones in order to improve this fundamental aspect of modern terminals. This is the first step for future Xiaomi phones improve one of your current weaknesses because perhaps the cameras are the components that suffer the most when it comes to reducing manufacturing costs that allow launching cheap mobile phones with the most striking features.

Of course the results of this new camera department for Xiaomi smartphones It will take time to show results. We will not see our own camera in the Xiaomi Mi 7 presented at the end of the month , but maybe the future Xiaomi Mi 8 It has sensors signed by the Chinese manufacturer.