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Xiaomi Mi Band 3 with eSIM? A characteristic that can mean a revolution

621 Everything is ready in Xiaomi . Although the lights point towards the Xiaomi Mi 8 -Y Xiaomi Mi 8…


Everything is ready in Xiaomi . Although the lights point towards the Xiaomi Mi 8 -Y Xiaomi Mi 8 SE – As the main novelty, the Chinese brand will also unveil the new Xiaomi Mi Band 3. A smart bracelet that will maintain the essence of previous generations, although the information that appears a few days after its presentation tells us that Xiaomi could surprise us by integrating eSIM support in its smartband . A characteristic that can be the trigger for a revolution in the sector.

During the past few days, leaks have intensified around the Xiaomi presentation event on May 31. As we have already indicated, the Xiaomi Mi 8 has captured the biggest role, but the smartphone will not come alone. MIUI 10 , the new version of the graphic interface of the manufacturer, is another of the expected new features. Next to it, the Xiaomi Mi Band 3 , new generation of the smart bracelet of which we now know another of its possible characteristics : support for eSIM or virtual card .

Xiaomi Mi Band 3 with eSIM

At least that’s how it comes off one of the latest publications carried out by the operator China Unicom , which has gone up in your account Weibo a promotional image about the presentation event that Xiaomi will carry out in a few days.

In it, apparently we do not see anything strange. However, the phrase that accompanies the image, and the fact that it comes from the operator itself, makes us tie things together. While there is no absolute certainty, from China the media point to the connectivity with eSIM card -also known as virtual card- for the Xiaomi M Band 3.

Xiaomi Mi Band 3 with eSIM? A characteristic that can mean a revolution

If finally the Xiaomi Mi Band 3 with eSIM, it can be an important step in the telecommunications market due to the functionality that this entails.

And, in this way, the Xiaomi smartband would have 4G connectivity independently, without needing the Bluetooth synchronization with the smartphone.

The takeoff of the virtual card or eSIM?

This characteristic could suppose the definitive impulse of the technology, that does not finish taking off in the sector. While Samsung , Manzana Y Google They have already made their first steps in the market with the Samsung Gear S2 , Apple Watch, he iPad or the Google Pixel 2 , the problems and the handicap involved in its implementation for operators has slowed its presence in the market. However, the pricing policy of the Chinese manufacturer, its popularity and the launch in a country as populated as China could be the final key to the standardization of the eSIM.

So, if finally Xiaomi offers Support eSIM on your Xiaomi Mi Band 3 and its possible cooperation with China Telecom would be a fundamental step for the definitive implantation of this technology in the market . And it is that with it the user would have at his disposal a series of new features and improvements such as enjoying his voice and data rate on several devices – in this case smartphone and smartband, without the need for physical cards.

But it is not the only one, given that we would give way to a more efficient and faster way to change operator, not to mention the advantages at the design level of future smartphones. And it is that the chip of the eSIM would suppose an important saving of inner space in the electronic devices.

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