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Xiaomi Mi 8 with super fast charging: 50% battery in 15 minutes

630 That is the conclusion we can draw from the latest information on the Internet and that adds to the…


That is the conclusion we can draw from the latest information on the Internet and that adds to the Features of the Xiaomi Mi 8 already known. The track comes directly from the list compatible models with Qualcomm Quick Charge 4+ . And it is that, although it no longer appears, the Xiaomi Mi 8 with super fast charging could have accidentally included in the aforementioned list.

So far, the vast majority of new smartphones with Qualcomm processor offers support for Quick Charge 3.0 technology . On the other hand, the semiconductor manufacturer has the patent for Quick Charge 4 and a review called Quick Charge 4+ . A technology that is already supported by the latest and most powerful processor of the firm, the Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 . Currently, Qualcomm has a pdf on its website that indicates which models will support the latest rapid charging technology for the future.

Xiaomi Mi 8 with super fast charging

It has become one of the sensations. The one that we initially knew as Xiaomi Mi 7 , will be presented shortly as Xiaomi Mi 8 . We already have many references, either on its design or on its characteristics. As far as the latter are concerned, Qualcomm could have provided us with another detail of great interest, such as fast charging technology and its qualities.

And is that, as we detailed above, the American firm has a listing with the smartphones that will support the latest revision of Quick Charge . Among those models, such as the Nubia Z17 , the Xiaomi Mi 8 has been seen.

Xiaomi Mi 8 with super fast charging: 50% battery in 15 minutes

Interestingly, if we access the mentioned PDF file , currently there is no sign of the reference to the Xiaomi Mi 8. A fact that could well be a sign of a lack of Qualcomm to include the model before being presented in a few days. When warned, he would have deleted the name of Xiaomi’s smartphone again.

The most effective in fast loading so far

Without entering to value that game of options, the fact that the Xiaomi Mi 8 was compatible with Quick Charge 4+ it would mean several things. The fundamental thing would be the high charge speed of the battery, of which it is said that it will have a 3,300 mA capacity h. If we resort to the theory, it would be possible for the Xiaomi Mi 8 to recharge until the 50% of the battery in approximately 15 minutes .

All this thanks to Qualcomm’s new intelligent algorithm that measures at all times the ideal load values ​​to accelerate the process, without risking the integrity of the battery in the event of overvoltages or excessive temperature rises. Among the advantages, more loading speed, as well as energy optimization 30% more efficient.

Additionally, if the Xiaomi Mi 8 finally released the Quick Charge 4+, it would mean putting into practice some of the new features of this QC4 review, introduced in the middle of last year. Among these, a dual charging circuit, an intelligent temperature control and an additional load protection system for terminals with USB-C connector.

So, everything points to the Xiaomi Mi 8 not only surprise us by price and performance, but perhaps for being one of the first super-charged smartphones, capable of recharging half the battery in a quarter of an hour. In this regard, it should be noted that this load record is currently achieved in approximately half an hour.

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