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WWE The British legend Tommy Billington dies on his birthday after a long battle with ill health

WRESTLING legend Thomas Billington, known as "The Dynamite Kid", has died on his 60th birthday. The exact cause of death…

WRESTLING legend Thomas Billington, known as “The Dynamite Kid”, has died on his 60th birthday.

The exact cause of death is unknown, but the Lancashire-born icon had fought with a number of health problems for years.

English wrestling legend Tommy Billington has died 60 years old


Known as Dynamite Kid, he shot to the star world with the British bulldog Davey Boy Smith and their dog Hund Matilda during the 1980s

Twitter @ DBSmithjr

New Japan Pro Wrestling Superstar Will Ospreay pay tribute to the icon on Twitter this morning after reading about his death.

Together with a picture of Billington in his pomp, he wrote: “I heard news that Tommy Billington also feels like Dynamite Kid has gone away.

” Thanks for all the work you have done for our country and inspire so many wrestlers to take the opportunity for themselves. RIP Dynamite Kid. “

And his former lover’s son, Davey Boy Smith Jr., confirmed the news and said,” I was very happy and happy to see Dynamite one last time in June in Britain.

The British Bulldogs were WWE Tag Team champions in the 1980s

“Dynamite really was an inspiration for myself and many others and really revolutionized professional wrestling like us today.

“He flew high and gave it all his matches.”

Dynamite’s friend and retiree Marty Jones wrote: “It’s very sad that I have to inform you all that Dynamite Kid Tommy Billington on the birthday gone away.

“A true British ambassador for wrestling around the world. RIP” Kid “. Condolences to Mark and his family.”

The Englishman joined the world star in the 1980s together with cousin and tag partner “British Bulldog” Davey Boy Smith.

Twitter @WillOspreay

British wrestler Will Ospreay get rid of the sad news on Twitter this morning

The duo caught WWE Take the Team titles the company’s tagging gold before they went their separate ways in 1988.

The British Bulldogs were ranked as the fifth best tag ever made by Pro Wrestling Illustrated 2003.

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Dynamite Kid continued to work for Stampede Wrestling and in Japan until his last match October 10, 1996 at a Michinoku Pro event called These Days.

He competed in a six-man titled “Legends of High Flying” along with Dos Caras and Kuniaki Kobayashi against The Great Sasuke, Mil Mascara and Tiger Mask.

Known for its huge bodybuilding, the reports saw that Dynamite’s body had degenerated to the point where he was “virtually skin and bone”, with the bottom of his usually pretty pantyhose that looks very dissolve.

Dynamite still managed to hit a gravestone pilgrimage on Great Sasuke, which led Dos Caras to Powerbomb Sasuke to make sure he finished his career in a winning manner.

But he suffered an attack on the airport the next day, the other after the origin ally with a 1987, and immediately rushed to the hospital.

Dynamite lost the use of his left leg in 1997 and was forced to use a wheelchair.


The British Bulldogs were one of the most popular layers on the planet

In addition to its paralysis, Billington also had a number of heart problems and WWE reported that he had suffered a stroke in 2013.

A video appeared in January 2017 in Billington in a nursing home that tried to raise money to help with his care.

WWE Hall of Famer Harley Race, who invented the diving head that Dynamite assumed, has previously been on record to express his regret to create the move.

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He believes it causes backbone problems as well as brain shaking and that they may have contributed to Dynamites in Juries.

Billington divorced first wife Michelle Smadu (Sister of Bret “Hitman” Harts Baptist Julie), with whom he had two daughters, Browyne and Amaris, and a son, Marek, in 1991.
He moved back to England to live in Wigan after the marriage ended and would continue to tie up with Dot Billington in 1997.

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