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WWE Survivor Series: Team RAW Vs. Team SmackDown Women's 5-on-5 Elimination Match

RAW vs. SmackDown 5-on-5 Women's Traditional Elimination Match: Nia Jax, Tamina Snuka, Ember Moon, Sasha Banks, Bayley (Team Captain: Alexa…

RAW vs. SmackDown 5-on-5 Women’s Traditional Elimination Match: Nia Jax, Tamina Snuka, Ember Moon, Sasha Banks, Bayley (Team Captain: Alexa Bliss) Against Naomi, Sonya Deville, Asuka, Carmella, Mandy Rose (Team Captain: Naomi)

We go to the ring for the women’s Team RAW vs. Team SmackDown match when Carmella comes out with R-Truth and raps his way to the ring. Team SmackDown Captain Naomi is out next. Mandy Rose is out next time JoJo does the introductions. Sonya Deville is out next. Asuka is out late for a big doll. We see a replay from the latest woman’s invasion angle at RAW. Team RAW is out next time Captain Alexa Bliss comes out. She will not be wrestling tonight. Mickie James is out next, followed by Tamina Snuka. Nia Jax’s music hits when the arena fills up with boos. Sasha Banks is out next, followed by Bayley to a pop.

The clock rings and the two teams get ready to fight. Naomi begins with Snuka. Fans start chanting “Becky” for SmackDown Women’s Champion Becky Lynch. Naomi with a fast-paced attempt after taking Snap Down. Tamina Tires Naomi and Knocks Row off the apron. A big fight breaks out in the ring with all 1

0 superstars. Asuka sends banks to the floor after a lot of battles. Naomi takes Jax down with a kick. Snap superkicks Naomi and point to her. Naomi has been eliminated to be angry.

Carmella comes from behind and rolls immediately Snap up for the staple. Snoop has been eliminated to a pop.

Carmella requires a dance break and the music hits when the lights go down. She dances and ends, but turns to Jax staring at her. This is backfires but Rose ends tagging in. She takes Jax but Jax levels her for a close 2 bill. Rose comes back and drops Jax. Mickie enters and unlocks Rose. Rose pushes her away and lacks a clothesline. Mickie with a neck for a 2 count. Rose with a belly to Mickie now, as he drives an elbow to the intestines. Mickie breaks it and drops Rose into a post. Rose makes it to the bottom rope to break the way. Asuka signs in and stares Mickie down. Fans sing for Asuka when they unlock. They go on it and collide with the shoulders in the middle of the ring but both still stand twice. Asuka falls Mickie with a hip attack.

Asuka with more insult to Mickie. Asuka with a submission in a close 2 counter by Mickie. Asuka falls Mickie with a backfist. Sonya pulls in and rams Mickie into the corner. Sonya with traction that the referee gives her back. Deville walks in again but Mickie elbows her. Mickie releases h again and delivers two kicks. Mickie is in control but Bayley notices himself. Bayley and Mickie have a few words. Bayley falls elbows at Deville and covers for 2 bills. The banks enter and begin to work over Deville in the corner. Banks with knee to the intestine while Deville was laid out in the corner. Mickie signs in and meets a Thesz Press on Sonya for a second. Deville counts and hits a spear. Deville loads with a knee but Mandy is legal as she sneaked in. Rose runs in and steals the pin. Mickie has been eliminated.

Rose and Deville have a few words. Bayley notices and rolls Rose for a 2 count. Rose turns it and you come to Carmella. Carmella takes Bayley to the corner and works her over. Bayley falls Carmella in the corner and goes to the top but has to land on his feet. Bayley misses again and Carmella kicks her to her knees. Carmella Moonwalks while applying a headlock. Carmella holds control of Bayley and mocks Banks. Carmella loads in the corner but Bayley catches her with a Bayley-to-Belly suplex. Bayley covers the pin. Carmella has been eliminated.

Rose goes back in and takes Bayley back down and works her over the corner. Rose holds control and scoffs Bayley. Banks finally get the tag. She meets clothesline and a dropkick to Rose. Banks have no knees in the corner when Rose moves. Banks come back with backstabs in the bank statement. Rose cranes. Rose has been eliminated.

Deville goes straight in and starts pounding at the banks. It’s down to Deville and Asuka vs. Banks, Bayley and Jax. Asuka signs in and unloads the banks in the corner with kicks. Asuka takes the banks to another corner and hits Hip Attack. Asuka with a kick and a 2 count. Deville inserts and lowers banks to a bodygisser. The banks run up with Deville on her back and rammed her into the corner. The banks throw Deville into the carpet Deville blocks a tag, but the banks finally get it. Bayley comes in with clothesline to Deville. Bayley with a counter and a running knee to Deville. Bayley with more crashes and a high knee in the corner for a 2 count. Bayley Dodges moves but Deville rocks her and nails a Spinebuster for a 2 count when Jax enters and breaks the foundation. Fans boo Jax.

Jax enters the ring post after Deville moves. Fans pop. Asuka kicks Jax in the face and they pop again. Banks stop nagging Meteora from the apron to Asuka on the floor. Bayley with the big suplex to Deville for a 2 count. Deville stops taking Bayley to the carpet, but she also landes hard on the neck of the floor. Deville kicks Bayley into the barrier that the judge expects. They continue brawling. Bayley with a Bayley-to-Belly suplex on the floor. They both count out. Bayley and Deville have been eliminated at the same time.

It is now down to Asuka vs Banks and Jax. The banks face Asuka in the ring. They go on it and buy dropkicks. Asuka blocks Backstabs and Banks levels. Asuka with a big German suplex, drop Banks on the neck. The banks capture Asuka with a right hand. Jax unites banks on the apron and fans pop. Asuka hits Jax with a hip attack and fans pop. The banks come in and drop Asuka. Asuka sends banks out of the ring. Asuka tries to attack from the apron, but the banks catch a start and release her face first on the apron. Bliss speaks Jax to get her ready while she recovers on the outside. Asuka with Hip Attack to knock on the outside. Asuka brings back the banks and nails a missile dropkick for another close to 2 bills. The fans are singing for Asuka when she’s doing it with Banks now. The banks go to the bank’s statement, but Asuka is counted as Asuka Lock. It is counteracted. Sasha with a 2 count. The banks block a kick and send Asuka to the corner. Banks with flying knees in the corner. Banks go to the top, but Jax comes to the apron shooting at his partner. This allows Asuka to roll the banks in Asuka Lock. The banks cranes to Asuka. Banks have been eliminated.

Fans boo when Jax enters the ring and drops a few legs on Asuka while she is down. Jax with a third leg. Jax stands tall as boos continues. The fans are not happy with Jax who hurt Lynch. Jax with a Samoan Drop for the simple foundation on Asuka and the win.

Winner: Team RAW (Sole Survivor: Nia Jax)

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