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WWE SmackDown Live Results, Summary, Reactions (27 Nov, 2018): Empress

I have not had a habit of watching SmackDown since I started reviewing Raw. It's just … a lot of…

I have not had a habit of watching SmackDown since I started reviewing Raw. It’s just … a lot of wrestling, you know? So ten minutes in SmackDown I hit two things.

First, a competent babyface general manager is human from heaven. Oh my goodness Paige, I’ve had you so long. Second? I have not heard anyone on Raw get Becky Lynch’s reaction for some time.

Lynch talked about how annoying it was to see someone come into his shadow – and I loved the phrase by the way – to fight Ronda Rousey in her position on the Survivor Series. And of course, that understood the woman in question: Charlotte Flair.

Yes, I’m so down for the return of genetically superior Charlotte. I’ve been a big fan of the mentality since her NXT days and it presents a perfect foil for the artificial Lynch. The two were doing evil shots for a while as Paige radiated with pride.

And back to Paige for a second; she was the fulcrum of all this greatness, the catalyst for a complete division. Paige offered a title match to Charlotte on TLC because her passion and driving to match Becky are obvious. This time though? TLC match. Let’s get mad.

The rest of the dressing room raised the problem of Paige to let Charlotte cut on the front of the line. They sent their complaints and received this: Paige actually listened to the talent and gave them a chance to prove her wrong! I know! I can not believe it either!

Paige booked a fighting king in the main event where the winner would join the TLC match. And for a while, I was convinced that it might be Mandy Rose. She has talked a lot and was clearly a point of contact for the opening segment.

But no, how can you give up Asuka when she gets the reaction she got tonight? This is SmackDown’s best and I’m already convinced that this match will be TLC.

To be fair there is a big gap between these three names and the rest of the division. WWE should carefully work with it. But with Royal Rumble just two months away I can not be too critical.

Straight Edge Joe

My oh my how the story repeats itself.

Jeff Hardy received a great tribute at this show, celebrating 20 years of deadly moments and general madness. Or as the Hardy guys usually call it, a Tuesday.

And that was great! The production crew is rocking with these types of videos and the audience was appropriately engaged. I saw a warm, fuzzy heart like Jeff completely undersold his adventure in the mining industry.

… But then? Joe.

Samoa Joe crashed the party and I swear to goodness that he is the most evil man in WWE with a microphone in his hand. Instead of celebrating Jeff’s ability to overcome his past challenges and find happiness and success, Joe reminded the man for his loads and spit Hardy for his failures.

“People You Never Change, Joe? Geez!

And of course, he talks about Jeff’s history with alcohol and drugs. We have also heard every single point that Joe did earlier from a certain straight-angled savior. The version of CM Punk and this version of Samoa Joe is completely different but; while Punk was misleading and maybe even afraid of what Hardy was saying, Joe is just a regular oileval who laughs at someone to be “weak”.

My oh, if it is not effective anyway. I hope the matches here deliver as well as this segment did.

The Rest

The Usos def. The Bar – The Big Show turned again and this is my shocked face. The match was fun, but it was just your usual tags match opening.

Daniel Bryan does not want anyone – I’ve really grabbed AJ Styles’s promo tonight. He said he understands that Bryan does something terrible to win. He can relate to it. But stumps on his face repeatedly after the match? Those pissed styles, and Bryan’s explanation did not help at all.

I love how Styles took pictures of Brock Lesnar, by the way. Bryan skipped his tasks, “pointers” from Raw and everyone who takes a shot on Raw nowadays is a good guy in my book. But it annoys AJ because he scored a point in order not to miss a date, always on the show. It hurts him to lose to a man who seems like Bryan’s spectacle.

I like how easy this was. I also love how good AJ Styles show disgust. He is really good at it.

Miz and Shane McMahon’s love child – Miz kills it. After choosing a match with the new day – and lost – he immediately confronted Shane and asked why he was no help. I could not help giggling when Miz shot the best in the World Trophy on a confused Shane.

Nakamura Trailer Rusev – Okay, this is not it. If Paige is supposed to be a babyface GM, this thing must be sipped in the button. And sincerely? Nakamura and Rusev are too good for this kind of stuff. I do not think this kind of stuff really engages the audience.

The … Colleague Killer? – Not sure how I feel about Randy Orton right now. Does he go through a life crisis? Are trying to reclaim their Legend Killer glory days? Orton is creepy to be sure, but I do not think there’s enough substance here to get the reaction they’re hoping for.

This was such a fresh air after smashing Raw yesterday. There are clearly no problems, but we can work with this people.

Rating: B-

Same time next week?

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