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WWE Raw Results, Recap, Ratings: Despite two matches, this show matched Milwaukee

One of the smallest entertaining and uninterrupted episodes of Raw was quite a long time held on Monday night in…

One of the smallest entertaining and uninterrupted episodes of Raw was quite a long time held on Monday night in Milwaukee, but despite the fact that two titles were questioned at the show, one could not wonder why WWE’s booking was so uninspired and boring despite the potential of its roster provides. The intercontinental championship was defended in an open challenge format that made it possible for a surprising challenger; Instead, we got the man who has met Rollin’s most often in the last six months.

It was a key development in the women’s distribution, but it also came with a silly note as the segment that led to an absolute disaster. Overall, this was one of the worst releases of Raw that WWE has put on since WrestleMania 34, and it says something because there have been a number of duds &#821

1; including just last week.

Let’s take a look at what went down – and everything went wrong – at Raw.

Welcome to Baron Corbin Show

Raw started with Corbin, Head of the Bobby Lashley Ring (now wearing “The Almighty” wearing a leather vest with glasses) and Drew McIntyre. Corbin claimed that he would get the permanent role soon and remember who was sitting with him in his fight against the top. He then welcomed in Braun Strowman – live via satellite from Birmingham, Alabama – which showed a cruel elbow and announced that he would be on the shelf for a few weeks. Strowman guaranteed he would come back to 100 percent and get everyone to pay for last week’s attack. Corbin then announced that the match was no matter what for TLC, and note that Strowman would lose if he can not fight, making Corbin permanent GM.

Bobby Lashley def. Elias via pinfall (no disqualification): Elias interrupted the opening segment to say that Corbin was a terrible GM and made fun with Lashley before the match. Elias saw getting 1-2-3 after an elbow from the top rope, but Lio Rush pulled the referee out of the ring and led to disqualification. Corbin started the match under no DQ rules. Elias grabbed his guitar but was immediately attacked by all three men; He is drilled with a chair and strikes a slighthot face first in the steel ladder. Lashley then ran around the ring and spun Elias to tribute to Strowman before rolling him into the ring and clutching Elijah with a knee.

Back in a self-presentation, Balor said he had come to a decision that he had no choice but to stand up to Corbin and take control of his career. Balor and Corbin were booked for the main event – even though it was a match we have seen tens of times recently – and it also went away from the rails.

Drew McIntyre & Baron Corbin def. Find Balor via pinback: After dominating most of the long game, Balor seemed to have Corbin beat, but Corbin avoided a Coup de Grace, grabbed a microphone and suddenly announced that it was now a handicap match. Out came McIntyre, who recovered quickly after Balor welcomed him with a tope con hilo. Right now, McIntyre took out Balor outside the ring and hit him with Claymore to win. Lashley’s music hit after the match, and he hit him with the Yokosuka cutter. Corbin then met Balor with the end of days, and McIntyre added another Claymore.

The crowd was not even boo; It was only there surprised by the book’s readiness. It is sensible for Corbin to abuse his authority and destroy faces with the idea that Strowman will return at TLC, squash Corbin and become over enormous. But to book an entire episode of Raw around Corbin, Lashley and McIntyre – three heels that have nothing in common and no real reason to work together – Elias and Balor are just lazy. We will clearly get a meaningless tagger’s match next week and then probably a six-man tag before TLC. Rating: D

Alexa Bliss takes control

After kissing up to Corbin backstage to do a good job of laying down the Law of Raw, Bliss was offered her help in any way possible. Corbin noted how busy he ran the entire show and allowed her to take over the entire Raw Women division, which Bliss immediately accepted. Bliss later tried to do well with Sasha Bank and Bayley, giving them the chance to make a Q & A with the WWE universe in the middle of the show later in the show.

In that segment, Bliss began to promise and failed to drive a wedge between Banks & Bayley. After just a question from a planted audience, who neither Banks nor Bayley had a good response, Mickie James, Alicia Fox and Dana Brooke Banks & Bayley attacked from behind and knocked them off their director chairs. Banks & Bayley quickly cleaned the house to finish a segment.

Well, that was stupid. Literally just last night at the Starrcade broadcast, Brooke was a face together with Banks & Bayley. Blissfulness added in this role is smart because she is borderless in an indefinite order with brainwashing problems, but she used her new power to … Has Banker and Bayley been attacking for no reason and failing the attackers to do that? What exactly is the point when there is already a heelshot in Riott Squad that did exactly the same thing within the same hour on the show?

Grade: D

What happened to Raw?

  • Dean Ambrose gets immunized: In a promo lost while sitting in a doctor’s office, Ambrose met the fans and their disgusting nature and said he decided he needed a full range of immunizations before revealing another raw material . With six shots already in the shoulder, Ambrose pulled down the pants to take a long needle and ripped Seth Rollins. “There is no shower that can wash away your sins, and there is no medicine that can secure the disease in your soul. You’re a lost thing, compasses,” he said. This was much better than his promo last week.
  • Lucha House Party def. Revival via pinfall: Revivals apologized for their loss last week to not understand “Lucha House Rules” After promising to win this match according to regular rules, it was again announced that the match would be challenged in the three-to-two format.
  • Nia Jax fills Ronda Rousey but does nothing: Jax, along with Tamina Snuka, promises Becky Lynch and Ronda. Rousey, joking about Lynch and Rousey’s career is in decline since they fought for the first time. Jax claimed she was the top of the mountain, which took a smiling Rousey out to high chants. Rousey told Jax that she had been lucky on several occasions, but happiness had ended. Rousey promised to tear Jax’s arm and release Charlotte Flair over her face with what Chants started again. Rousey challenged Jax immediately, but Jax denied her and began to run for purpose. That’s when Snuka went behind Rousey, which caused Natalya’s music to hit. But when Natlaya ran down to the ring, she attacked the riot of the Riott Squad. Rousey ran out to save her and the segment ended. Why does Riott Squad Natalya suddenly hate and why would Jax have them planted in this scenario when Snuka could have taken Rousey with her?
  • Raw Tag Team Championship – AOP c) final. Bobby Roode & Chad Gable by pindown to keep the titles: Before the match, manager Drake Maverick promised that Roode & Gable would feel the fear he made from Big Show when he pissed on his pants. When the game started stole Maverick Red’s coat, took it back, placed it in a toilet and urinated on it. This was shown in the arena in the middle of the game while Roode & Gable had the top edge. Distracted, Roode was thrown into Gable, who threw off the apron; AOP then hits its elevated powerbomb finisher. This actually sounds worse than it was like Maverick Whistling Red’s theme music while the pee was a nice touch.
  • Ember Moon def. Alicia Fox via pinfall | Jinder Mahal def. No Way Jose via Pinfall: With Curt Hawkins in her corner (?), The Moon hit Eclipse and hit Foxy. Then No Way Jose’s music hit and a conga line ran the ringside. After the deal, Mahal had some problems with Jose but eventually beat The Khallas for the victory.
  • Intercontinental Championship – Seth Rollins (c) def. Dolph Ziggler via pindown to keep the title: With Ambrose not in the arena, Rollins announced that he came back to what he does best – be a champion. There were rumors about who would respond to Rollin’s open challenge, but the fact that it was Ziggler was quite an eye roll in view of how often we recently watched this match. As said, the match was great. Ziggler got a close case with a famous and avoided twice a Stomp from Rollins, the second time counteracted in a Zig-Zag for two more bills. The match got a light “this is amazing” chant as Ziggler gave up trying superkick with Rollins that could not stand. Ziggler cheated on him, so Rollins rolled him up in an internal cradle for a 2.8 bill. The Ziggler setting for a command from the upper rope, but Rollins pounced and beat the superplex in Falcon Arrow for a rare non-finisher 1-2-3.
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