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WWE NXT TakeOver: War Games Result – Ciampa Flys, Black gets revenge and the undeniable time falls | WWE

Currently, NXT TakeOver is expected to deliver something memorable. It can be argued that this edition served something spectacular with…

Currently, NXT TakeOver is expected to deliver something memorable. It can be argued that this edition served something spectacular with five games that were very different, but incredibly entertaining. The end result was a TakeOver which will be debated as one of the best in NXT’s history.

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In the main case, the team Ricochet, Pete Dunne and War Raiders managed to take out the undisputed time in the second game of NXT War Games full of bloodbaths, slander and brutality. Although Adam Cole, Roderick Strong, Kyle Reilly and Bobby Fish foursome almost adorned their opponents by locking Pete Dunne in their cell to give them a widespread advantage, the NXT United Kingdom champion would finally arrive at the ring as tables, chairs, kendo sticks and trash filled up the ring.

There were a number of wild spots that included a tower of paints from the cage that took out seven of the eight competitors. The last man who stood, Ricochet, would deliver an incredibly inspiring moment when he completed a double backflip from the top of the cage and on the beach of bodies below. There were also questions about Dunn’s credibility to his teammates, as both members of War Raiders would drive Dunne back into the cell when his number rang and took his place. Dunne would have several exciting moments where he managed to take out all four members of undoubted time when the pack surrounded him like wolves.

The closing sequence saw Adam Cole almost pick up his second consecutive victory for his team in the event when he destroyed a floating Ricochet with a super kick and clobbered Dunne with a brilliant wizard. However, Dunne would not take the three bills, dodged another brilliant wizard’s attempt and spotted the bitter end. A nearby Ricochet would finish the finish when the NXT North American champion struck a 450 splash as both Dunne and Ricochet, formerly enemies, covered Cole for the victory.

Tommaso Ciampa moved narrowly with the NXT championship against Velveteen Dream.

The dream had the audience at the Staples Center to eat out of the palm of his hand when he went on wearing N.W.O. black and white as “Hollywood Dream”. There were several callbacks to Hogan as Dream sank up, hit a big boot and almost snared the title with a trio of leg drops. But the unpleasant Ciampa would not renounce his title so easily. The duo fought with a tooth and nail all the time as Dream came sharply to become the new champion after meeting a dream driver on an exposed concrete floor and followed by Purple Rainmaker. Ciampa would kick out, avoid a second Purple Rainmaker and Spike Dream with a DDT on the iron partition between both rings to keep the title.

Aleister Black had to channel his wildness against Johnny Gargano to revenge on the man who attacked him and extinguished him several months ago. Gargano was one step ahead of the striker early, but the former NXT champion was simply too much for his opponent. A pair of Black Masks eventually ruled Gargano of their violations and put Black back on track to keep the title as he dropped to Ciampa.

In an evil sprint, Shayna Baszler used a little help from Four Horsewomen Marina Shafir and Jessamyn Duke to keep the NXT Women’s Championship against Kairi Sane. Baszler used the help of her MMA friends early to get a quick fall with a shock. But Sane equaled the score after an evil tip DDT on the ring apron and an In-Sane elbow got the three bills. But with Io Sharai and Dakota Kai who come to Sanes’s help, Baszler would benefit from a missed In-Sane elbow to quickly roll up Sane for the three bills.

After some rubbish, the NXT newcomer Matt Riddle talked the world with the notice of a flashy finish by Kassius Ohno in the opening book. Riddle challenged Ohno to open the show. Ohno answered, asked the judge to call the clock and would stop his bell ringing by a flying knee from the Kingdom of Bro. Three seconds later and that’s all she wrote.

WWE NXT Takeover: War Games Results


:41 : An absolute banana sequence of events that close with Adam Cole, which extinguishes both Ricochet and Pete Dunne. However, Dunne would escape a glorious magic attempt, hit the bitter end and find Ricochet skying with 450 Splash. Dunne and Ricochet cover both Adam Cole for fallback!

9:36 p.m.: A ridiculous tower colony that involves everyone, but Ricochet takes out everyone. Of course, Ricochet will do something ridiculous and down a double backflip from the top of the cage at all!

9:30 pm : We have Our first table accident like Bobby Fish drives Rowe through a table. There is a lot of bloodbath on both sides. O & # 39; Reilly is placed on a table but puts the Ricochet in a triangle hook on top of the table. Hanson jumps from one ring to the other and spreads O & # 39; Reilly through the table. Everyone is down.

9:25 p.m. .: It is absolutely lame as the world of war destroys unavoidable time. Eventually, the foursome gets over and continues to take out War Raiders and apparently damages Dunnes knee. With Dunne is the last man, he goes to war with all four undeclared members. Thin take them all out and put a knee on Fish’s surgically repaired left leg. O & # 39; Reilly with rescue.

9 : 18 pm : Officials pick up bumpers and finally, Pete Dunne joins his teammates, who have been decimated. Thin grabs kendo sticks, tables and trash when Ricochet hits a flying cross body for the entire undisputed time. The match has officially begun.

21:12: Bobby Fish is the last one coming in, but knocks out his opponents by locking Dunne into his cell and throwing the key into the audience. Undisputed time now has a four to three advantage with Dunne who is unable to enter the ring. The fish leads chairs into the ring and his cohorts brutalize Ricochet and War Raiders.

09:09 : Turncoat from last year, Roderick Strong, is The next to come in and tear Hanson and Ricochet with a series of knees and backbreakers. Interestingly, Rowe is the next to come in. Like Hanson, he keeps Pete Dunne back and prevents him from entering. Will this cause a problem later?

9:05 p.m. : War Raiders & # 39; Hanson gives the odds and immediately cleans the house. The big man drives a train on the corner of Cole and O & Reilly’s clothesline before meeting a stacked bronco buster. Ricochet finally comes to use Hanson for a springboard shooting star press. Impressive.

8: 59 pm : Cole and Ricochet fought to a deadlock, but unreasonable time would be appealed because Kyle Reilly is next to come in. With a two-to-one advantage they put the boots to the NXT North American champion.

8:52 : After some extended call inputs , Adam Cole and Ricochet will kick out war games.

8:39 p.m. : A match left as Undisputed Era squares off with the team War Machine, Ricochet and Pete Dunne in War Games. It has been said often, but NXT delivers continually. However, it can be argued that this reaches G.O.A.T. NXT TakeOver status. Let’s see if the main event can put this over.

8:32 p.m. : Ciampa exposes the concrete on the outside, but Dream avoids being DDT. As Ciampa engages in a word war with Mauro Ranallo, Velveteen Dream meets a Dream Driver on the floor and comes with a Purple Rainmaker, but yet another close fall! Dream goes for another Purple Rainmaker with Ciampa hanging outside the ring. He misses and Ciampa takes full advantage. A hanging nail DDT on the iron division between the two rings and this one is over!

8:26 ] : Ref avoided a super kick of Dream and Ciampa went for a rollup with a handful of tights. This is probably the smartest ref we have ever seen when he sparks the illegal pin and stops it. The dream hits Dream Over for a close fall. Ciampa crushes Dream comes from the top rope with a knee and hits a Project Ciampa for a close fall. Ciampa takes the title belt, but the ref is taking it away. Dream with a DDT on the title for a close fall. Dream goes for a figure four and Ciampa sends him out of the ring. The dream climbed into the ring and is caught with a tip DDT for a close fall. Bananas.

8:24 p.m. : Dream decides to attack the injured leg in Ciampa and channel Bret Hart by locking in a figure four leglock on the post outside. Ciampa actually knocked, but it would not count because it was not a legal decision-making decision. Dream then locks in a figure-four that almost triggers the crane from Ciampa. The two call a recent 205 Live sequence like Dream suplexes Ciampa from the inside all the way to the floor.

8:20 p.m. : It’s poetic that Hulk Hogan was the one who voted Patrick Clark of Tough Enough and now Clark, like Velveteen Dream, tricks him at every turn. After some back and forth dreams briefly, they land their right hands and a trio of bendropper for a close fall. How did he not win enough?

8:15 pm : It’s a battle about wits early as dream and Ciampa seem to explain each other. The dream channels Hulk Hogan and land a big start, but can not beat the attack. Ciampa crushes a dream with a running knee that puts his opponent on Dream Street, literally.

8 : 05 pm : It’s time for Velveteen Dream to get his chance at the NXT title when he faces Tommaso Ciampa. The dream comes out dressed as Hollywood Hogan with a “Dream Over” sweater in NWO Black and White. Ciampa goes into joining his world title as he is afraid of releasing it.

19:54 : In a wonderful sequence, it seems Gargano asks for Black to finish him to penalize his violations, but he makes the black mask and falls into Gargano Escape. Black manages to fly, Gargano crushes with a knee, lands a black mask, but holds Gargano up! Black stares in his eyes, saying that he relieves him from his sins and annihilates him with a black mask for the three bills. Excellent match.

07:51 .: The sequences are fast, furious and hard to beat. Double chants for these two as these two give it all. Gargano sets up for a super kick and black invites him to finish him by sitting on his thigh. Gargano misses the running knee, but lands a super kick and then a running knee for a close fall.

7:45 p.m. : Black finally gets the top edge with some bad strikes, but Gargano finally takes advantage of the fact that Black misses a moonsult from the top rope to the floor and landes a DDT dive. Gargano gets busy talking rubbish and the two participate in an exchange of strikes. Gargano hits a reverse rane and Black turns up and drives a running knee in the face of Gargano.

7:34 pm : Johnny Gargano and Aleister Black are looking to solve their differences in a grudge match after revealing that Gargano was the one who attacked Black. Gargano enters a few jeers while you’re playing a new logo that meets smiley face with The Punisher. Black has a vest of nails and clearly means business. This should be good.

07:25 : Shafir and Duke disturb when Sane goes for an In-Sane Elbow, but Dakota Kai comes to rescue. Duke and Shafir get the upper body and Io Sharai sprints to the ring and takes out with a beautiful moonlight from the upper rope to the floor. Sane goes to the elbow, but Baszler is counted in a punch, gets 1-2-3 and retains the title. Incredible sprint.

19:22 .: Baszler tries to make it a short night by going to another choking, but Sane throws her away. In a bad place, Sane turns a suplex on the apron and transforms it into a tip DDT. Mom Mia! Sane rolls Baszler back into the ring, nails her with the In-Sane Elbow and takes the second fall. This is a sprint.

19:19 : Sane comes out like a bat from hell and lies above Baszler. After Baszler has lost an injury, MMA Horsewomen Marina Shafir and Jessamyn Duke will head to the ring and attack Sane. Baszler immediately drops in choke to earn the first fall in the match.

19:04: Welcome to Sporting News coverage of NXT TakeOver: WarGames 2! It seems we have a last minute edition of the card, because Matt Riddle is heading for the ring for what seems to be a showdown with Chris Hero!

WWE NXT Takeover: War Games lineup

  • Otisputed Era (Adam Cole, Bobby Fish, Kyle Reilly and Roderick Strong) against Pete Dunne, Ricochet and War Raiders (Hanson and Rowe) in a War Games match
  • Tommaso Ciampa vs. Velveteen Dream for Ciampas NXT Championship [19659132] Johnny Gargano vs. Aleister Black
  • Shayna Baszler vs. Kairi Sane in a 2-out-of-3 case match for Baszlers NXT Women’s Championship

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