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WWE monday night RAW Live result: Crown Jewel Fallout

WWE Crown Jewel is over (thankfully), but the results from Saudi Arabia's show will be labeled on Monday Night RAW…

WWE Crown Jewel is over (thankfully), but the results from Saudi Arabia’s show will be labeled on Monday Night RAW when the company moves towards the Survivor Series.

Brock Lesnar won back the vacant Universal Champion after snapping Braun Strowman. RAW General Manager Baron Corbin had a major role in Strowman’s defeat after having clocked “Monster Among Men” with the belt before the clock rang. How will Strowman react on Monday evening? Is Corbin safe?

The Survivor Series Card currently has AJ Styles that takes on Lesnar, Seth Rollins vs Shinsuke Nakamura and Ronda Rousey against Becky Lynch as the scheduled matches. Rousey is coming out on RAW tonight to respond to Becky’s junk as the road to the trademark against pay-per-view brand begins.

Dean Ambrose’s heel turns Seth Rollins was the talk of the show in recent weeks, but their current reign as the RAW Tag Team Champions may be over before it even begins. What is the future of the titles about the current champs not on the same side?

This episode of Monday Night RAW was already tapped in Manchester, United Kingdom, so the result of the show as a whole. If you do not want to know what happened to RAW before it flows in the states, turn away now.

Here is everything that happened on the November 5 episode of Monday Night RAW.


]] Opening Segment

  • Baron Corbin will talk about Crown Jewel and the upcoming Survivor Series. He has security surrounding the ring to protect him from Strowman, but says they have a point to decide with Shane McMahon to steal the World Cup from RAW and Dolph Ziggler.
  • He announces that Dolph Ziggler, Drew McIntyre and Braun Strowman as members of the team.
  • He says Braun needs to learn to respect authority and that’s why he did what he did at Crown Jewel.
  • Corbin also announces that Alexa Bliss will be the captain of the women’s team and will select the five members of the RAW Women Team.
  • Alexa Bliss thank Corbin and says she will be more of a boss and that the rest of the RAW women can learn from her. She will watch the women’s matches very close and announce Riott Squad vs. Natalya / Bayley / Sasha Bank this evening.
  • Kurt Angle interruptes Alexa Bliss saying that participation in Crown Jewel lit a fire under him and he wants to be with the Survivor Series. Anglin challenges Corbin to a match in the main event in order not only to be on the team but to be the captain. Corbin accepts.
  • The segment ends with Strowman coming out, taking out safety and chasing Corbin.

Riott Squad vs. Sasha Banks, Bayley and Natalya

  • The match ends in a no competition after Ruby Riott stomped on a pair of glasses belonging to Jim Neidhart.

Apollo Crews vs. Jinder Mahal

Rollins Promo

  • Seth Rollins comes out with IC, and both RAW Tag Team titles. He says he wished he won the World Cup. He also says that Corbin for some reason helped Lesnar to win the universal championship, which regretted all that the Roman regime was fighting for.
  • He should tell Lesnar in his face what he likes him but of course he is not on the show. He wants to talk to Ambrose but it will not happen. Seth says he would love to defend two titles, but he can not.
  • Corbin on the Titantron appears and says that Seth can defend the titles against the authors of pain.

Author of Pain vs Seth Rollins (c) – Disability RAW Tag Team Championship Match

  • Author of Pain Winning by Pinfall
  • After the match, Dean Ambrose shows up and turns down Rollins.

Dolph Ziggler Promo

  • He says he is the real best in the world and they are conspiring against him, has a SmackDown judge and sends McIntyre to the back before the match.
  • Elias interrupts him and begins to make his musical number when Ziggler interrupts him and challenges him to come down to the ring.
    • Elias vs. Dolph Ziggler

      Ronda Rousey Promo

      • Rousey puts a promo on Becky who says Lynch is the “man” but she is not the “noble tikan on the planet. “
      • She tells Becky that she wants a challenge so bring everything she needs to the Survivor Series.
      • Nia Jax comes out telling Ronda that she represents RAW in her match against Becky so do not let them go down. And that she is waiting for her Survivor series.

      Nia Jax vs Ember Moon

      • Nia Jax wins via pinfall
      • After the game, Tamina Snuka shows up as last week, but she hugs it with Nia and the two continue to hit Ember.

      Backstage Segment

      • Baron Corbin runs away from the arena to avoid Strowman, but makes Drew McIntyre his replacement for the main event against Kurt Angle.

      Bobby Lashley vs. Finn Balor

      • Lashley wins via pinfall
      • After the game, McIntyre shows up and stares down Lashley before he helps Balor to his feet. He goes on to his Finns with a Claymore

      Drew McIntyre vs. Kurt Angle

      • McIntyre wins via submission with Ankle Lock
      • Strowman makes save after the match.

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