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Wrestling weaves over fifty species of sharks and rays, experts warn

Some of the world's most severe sharks and rays are exposed to extinction, partly due to commercial fishing, scientists claim.…

Some of the world’s most severe sharks and rays are exposed to extinction, partly due to commercial fishing, scientists claim.

Among the 50 species threatened is a shark that bumps with its tail and a sawfish whose snout is lined with razors.

Losing just one of the sharks would stop millions of years of evolutionary history in its tracks.

 The basking shark (pictured) is the second largest species of shark on the planet and is 23rd on the list over the extinction

The basking shark (pictured) is the second largest shark species on the planet and is 23rd on the list of extinction victims.

 Långtågsåggen (bild) The list of 50 sharks and rays now threatening to eradicate, researchers have warned.

The long-timed saw (pictured) tops the list of 50 sharks and rays that are now at risk of extinction, scientists have warned [19659010] The public needs to reckon its view on sharks to realize their importance in the natural world, told the marine biologist Fran Cabada BBC.

“The biggest myth around sharks is definitely the perception that they are dangerous, they are food-making machines-they are not,” she said.

“There have been noted some negative interactions, but they are very rare and they are not intentional.”

Sharks, rays and chimeras have for the first time been assessed for Edge (evolutionally distinct and globally threatened) of existence programs.

Most sharks are crucial to our health water because of the status they like at the top of the food chain.

If they died, the effect would feel about fish populations and would eventually spread to affect people. The edge of the existence assessment found that fishing was due for the sharp downturns.

 The basking shark (picture) is just one of the 50 rays and sharks to make a list of those who face extinction that scientists warn of overfishing and other factors.

The basking shark (the picture) is just one of 50 rays and sharks make a list of those facing extinction as a scientist warns of overfishing and other factors

But coastal development also played its part because they resulted in food loss. Other factors include the decomposition of mangrove forests, trawling and water pollution.

Doctor Matthew Gollock of London’s Zoological Society said that the creatures featured on the list represent some of the most unique on earth.

Some of the species that made the list are:

Largetooth sawfish

This ray tops the list. The threats it faces are unsustainable fishing and unintentionally stretched in nets. Its most distinctive feature is its snout, lined with teeth.

Caribbean Electromagnetic Radiation

These rays give electric shock to bump into the change. It hides in sand or mud during the day and night food for worms and other small changes.

Zebra shark

This shark changes in appearance throughout its life. They are born with zebra stripes, which change to stains as they age. It has a life span of 25 to 35 years and lives on the seabed.

<img id = “i-577b7010a6bfe760” src = “ 2018/12/04/16 / 7000486-6459743-image-m-7_1543941112361.jpg “height =” 427 “width =” 634 “alt =” The Zebrahaken (image) is actually born with stripes but changes later for spots when they become Older [19659006] The Zebra Shark is actually born with stripes, but is later modified for stains as they grow older.

Whale Shark

This is the largest fish in the ocean and can reach up to 65ft in length. The filter feeder eats plankton and small fish.

Basking shark

This is the second largest species of shark and fish on earth and it is the 23th most vulnerable.

What are the 50 types sharks and rays that are now facing extinction?

1 – Largetooth sawfish

2 – Green sawfish

3 – Small bark saw

4 – Narrow Sawback Angelshark

7 – Dwarf Swfish

8 – Brazilian Guitar

9 – Longhead eagle ray

10 – Ornate eagle beam

11 – Ornate sleep beam

16 – Vingehaj

17 – Valhaj

18 – Zebrahaj

18 – Zebrahaj

18 – Zebrahaj

18 – Zebrahaj

19 – Sand tiger shark

20 – Bigeye thresher shark

21 – Bowmouth guitar

22 – Big hammerhead

23 – Basking shark

24 – Bluegray crpetshark

25 – White skate

] 26 – Snaggletooth Shark

27 – Daisy Stingray

28 – Blackchin Guitar

29 – Scalloped Hammerhead [196590]

35 – Whitespotted Izak

36 – Honeycomb Izak

33 – Honeycomb Izak

31 – Rundnosgitarr

31 – Rundnosgitarr

32 – 37 – Spotback skate [1965900] 2] 38 – Common Guitar

39 – Big White Shark

40 – Longnose Marbled Whipray

41 – White-edge Whipray

42 – African Kilfisk

43 – Great Freshwater Whipray

44 – Kitefin shark

45 – Tophaj

46 – Porbeagle

47 – Longfin mako

48 – Shortfin mako

49 – Spotted shovelnose ray

50 – Pelagic hackers [19659000]
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