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Wreck of Argentine submarine was found year after disappearance: the navy

The crash of an Argentine navy boat exploded and disappeared a year ago was in the Atlantic on Friday, said…

The crash of an Argentine navy boat exploded and disappeared a year ago was in the Atlantic on Friday, said the navy shattered the last hopes of relatives to the 44 crew.

It has been “positive identification of ARA San Juan,” at 800 meters deep, said a statement on Twitter from the fleet.

Seabed Constructor, a ship owned by US search company Ocean Infinity, as seen in September The latest attempt to find San Juan made the discovery.

Navy lost contact with the submarine on November 15 last year, about 450 kilometers from the Argentine coast. It was heading back to the base from Ushuaia at the southern tip of Argentina.

“I still hoped they could live,” said Luis Niz, one of the disappeared sailors’ father, to reporters, although President Mauricio Macri had previously declared that there were no survivors from San Juan.

“We are with the other relatives, they will show us the pictures. They say our youngsters are inside,” says Yolanda Mendiola, the mother of crewman Leandro Cisneros, 28.

“We are all destroyed here.”

Ocean Infinity ship “decided to make a new search and thanks to God, it could find the zone” Navy spokesman Rodolfo Ramallo told Todo Notica’s TV.

“Now another chapter opens. From the analysis of the state of the submarine, we will see how we move on,” he said.

Navan has been critically criticized for its operation of the operation since the first reporting of the submarine’s delay at Mar del Plata on November 16, 2017.

It was only several days in the tragedy that naval officials acknowledged that the old German-built submarine had reported a problem with their batteries in their final communication on November 15th.

Almost 10 days later, the Navy confirmed that there had been an explosion aboard, which experts said were likely to be connected to the battery problem.

Several senior officials were dismissed, including Marcelo Srur, the navy soldier.

– The Last Chance – –

An air and sea search involved units from 13 countries but the majority retired before the end of 2017, as the wintertime South Atlantic refused to give up their secrets.

Seabed Constructor is equipped with cameras that can be immersed to a depth of 6000 meters (lap). It was getting a $ 7.5 million reward if it found the missing part.

Before leaving for his mission, Luis Tagliapietra, whose son Alejandro was a lieutenant at San Juan, described it as “the last chance to find them.”

Ocean Infinity also got the task of looking for the Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 which disappeared without tracing in March 2014 on its way from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing.

Navan has a bad reputation in Argentina.

During the military dictatorship 1976-1983, some naval facilities, such as Mar del Plata, as detention and torture centers, and an estimated 30,000 people disappeared.

The authorities have opened a criminal investigation on San Juan disappearance. The judge in the case has so far heard testimony from 70 people but says she is not closer to knowing what happened.

The families of the lost crew had pressured the government not to give up the search.

Several sad mothers of the missing have arisen every morning in a lost protest at the suburb of Mar del Plata.

The submarine disappeared on the edge of the Argentine shelf where the depths fell from 200 meters to more than 3,000 meters.

Experts say the subcultures would have been crushed by water pressure when it fell for about 600 meters.

The loss of San Juan is the first major tragedy to hit the Navy since the Falklands War 1982 Argentina, which refers to the islands of Las Malvinas, lost the war to Britain.

Argentina Navy ARA San Juan Baptized in Buenos Aires 2014

Relatives and friends of the ARA San Juan crew members sing during a ceremony on Mar del Plata Naval Base on November 15, 2018, one year after the ship disappeared

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