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Would you have won $ 5000?

November 21, 2018 Entertainment 0 Views An early poster for Avengers: Infinity War by the Visual Development Director at Marvel…

An early poster for Avengers: Infinity War by the Visual Development Director at Marvel Studios, Ryan Meinerding. Image: Disney

Everyone knows HQ right? Live the mobile game that was ridiculously popular a few months back? Well, it’s up and Monday evening, it made a whole Marvel Movie quiz to honor the late, big Stan Lee. Twelve questions, all about Marvel Cinematic Universe, with the winners dividing $ 5000.

Quizen is over now, so you can not actually compete in it. But it’s up on YouTube and worth checking out if you would hit the nearly 500,000 people who played: (Fast-scrolling until 3:50 to skip the long-term host.)

The only question I was fighting was Stan Lee’s bartender question. I love Stan and his cameos but at some point they can melt together for one or two. So I’m not sure if I should have answered correctly – but if I had not, I would have used an extra life and got the rest right. Honestly, if you live and breathe cartoon films as many as we do, it was not a terribly difficult quiz, so 8,458 players won a whopping 59 cents each. However, it was quite fun.

If you stopped playing HQ (or never started), you should be sure to return. There are many theme nights like Monday’s almost always movies – but it has also done The Office, Friends, and Harry Potter . Prices can be much bigger and there are many guest stars. I’m still crazy addicted. But since I was busy this week I could not lock the sweet 59 cents on this. Hopefully they will make Marvel again in the future.

Do you think Marvel Studios employees like Kevin Feige aced this no problem? Or are they too focused on phase 4 to remember the last 10 years?

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