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World Series 2018: Full schedule and survey of potential pitching matchups | Bleacher Report

Omar Rawlings / Getty Images When ALCS and NLCS end up, it's difficult not to imagine how the 201 8…

Omar Rawlings / Getty Images

When ALCS and NLCS end up, it’s difficult not to imagine how the 201

8 World Series can look like it starts on Tuesday night.

From now on, Los Angeles Dodgers and Boston Red Sox are about to move on to Fall Classic, but Milwaukee Brewers and Houston Astros could come from behind to win their respective series.

With both series reaching their conclusions, the world’s pitching rotation for each team begins to become clearer.

Among the potential World Series pitching matchups is a show of aces, a context of leadership styles and a whole different group of possibilities that would have baseball fans leaning in advance.

2018 World Series Schedule

Game 1: Tuesday 23 October (Time TBD, Fox)

Games 2: Wednesday October 24th (Time TBD, Fox)

Game 3: Friday October 26th (Time TBD, Fox)

Game 4: Saturday , October 27 (Time TBD, Fox)

Game 5: Sunday 28 October (Time TBD, Fox)

Game 6: Tuesday 30 October (Time TBD, Fox )

Game 7: Wednesday, October 31st (Time TBD, Fox)

Potential Pitching Matchups

Chris Sale vs Clayton Kershaw

If the dodgers return to the world series, Clayton Kershaw would be their perfect Game 1 starter.

Kershaw only threw in NLCS game 5, so if he makes an appearance in Games 6 or 7 it must be a brie f one with the World Series opener behind everyone’s minds.

Los Angeles left-hander has scored five earned runs over 18 innings in the 2018 after-season and he beat 14 battles starting at Atlanta and Milwaukee.

Last year in the world series, Kershaw made three appearances, two of which began in Games 1 and 5.

Kevork Djansezian / Getty Images

Given the flexibility of Dodger’s rotation, Kershaw could be set for a duel of the left-hand ball of the base later in a series against Boston Red Sox.

Chris Sale is expected to start Game 6 if Red Sox has to go back to Boston to finish ALCS, meaning he would not be ready to go to Game 1 of the World Series Tuesday.

A more likely scenario for a Sal e-Kershaw showdown would make them go head in game 5, with sales throwing on a lesser day of rest.

A game 2-start in the World Series would differ from what Sale usually used to raise the height of game 1 in the three playoff series he participated in as a Red Sox member.

Then giving up seven acquired runs in Game 1 in 2017 ALDS against Houston, Sale awarded seven earned runs in 15 post-season tournaments.

Hype alone for the conflict between Sale and Kershaw would be massive and based on their latest playoff performances, the southpaw showdown would deliver in quality.

Justin Verlander vs. Milwaukee Bullpen

The emergence of Milwaukee’s pitching strategy is one of the most exciting stories in the 2018 season.

Chief Craig Counsell has used his bullet for the majority of NLCS, and he took headlines in Game 5 when he used Wade Miley to throw an infection before requiring his relievers to do the rest of the work on the pile.

As Counsell is not expected to change its approach to the brewers move on to the world series, it will lead to a conflict between styles against Astros or Red Sox.

The ultimate strategic difference would be against Astros and Justin Verlander, who has not given up more than three deserving runs in his last 12 seasons.

Tim Bradbury / Getty Images

Verlander should add Strike 5 in ALCS as he tries to keep Houston alive in his attempt to return to the world series.

About Verlander takes on the brewers, he would probably oppose three or four different pots, starting with which thrower Counsell relies on starting the game.

It is an exciting matchup that strikes conventional emphasis on a new idea that is getting traction , and it would be a speech from the national audience, especially among those who have not noticed the new bullpen-first methods used over baseball.

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Statistics obtained from Baseball Reference.

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