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Working Hard and “Hardly Working Out”?

Sitting down for long periods of time has serious damaging effects, for it increases the danger of heart disease, diabetes, muscle and bone weakness, neckaches and backaches. In addition, sitting for 30 minutes straight slows metabolism by 90% which definitely leads to weight gain, but what can you do when you don’t have the time to work out and your job requires being seated for long hours?

Some good advice regarding this matter include increasing your activity outside worktime, for you don’t have to park your car near your workplace, instead park it a few blocks away and enjoy taking a walk, you don’t always have to take the elevator as well and even if your office is on a high floor, take the elevator but get off a few floors earlier taking the stairs up. Also, instead of using social media to communicate with your colleagues on your free time, walk up to them and enjoy a real-life conversation as well as the benefits of improving your circulation, always keep in mind that you need to move every 30 minutes to rest your body and eyes from staring constantly at the screen, you might as well take a walk around the office or do some simple exercises.

Some of these exercises include stretching, like stretching the arms above the head and stretching the neck by moving the head slowly in all directions, you also have to move your wrists, shoulders in ankles in a circular motion, you can as well exercise the abdomen and Buttocks area by constantly flexing the muscles and relaxing them, and regarding the hips, you can do special hip exercises and yoga to release the tension and stress.

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