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Women's World Cup: USWNT draws old enemy Sweden in Group F

The defending women's World Cup champions USA hit Sweden, Chile and Thailand in Group F for the next summer World…

The defending women’s World Cup champions USA hit Sweden, Chile and Thailand in Group F for the next summer World Cup in France at the dragon in Paris last Saturday. It’s an interesting group, where Jill Elli’s squad will have a chance of redemption against a familiar rival.

Here are my three thoughts on the sign:

Simple American advances, but also an old enemy

Chile and Thailand should not be a major challenge for the United States, but it’s hard not to laughing to see Sweden once again as a group player’s opponent. This will be the fifth straight world cup that the United States and Sweden have met in the group phase, and it will also be a round of the 201

6 Olympic Quarter, where the Swedes stunned eliminating the United States from sanctions. (You may also remember that it was the game where the American goalkeeper Hope Solo praised the Swedes “Cowards” for their defensive attitude to the match.) The United States may also play their group games all over Northern France and start with

two relatively simple, compared to Thailand June 11th in Reims, Chile on June 16th in Paris and then against Sweden on June 20th in Le Havre.

For the United States, finishing others will probably make it easier

If the United States wins Group F, it can face a potential knockout round in Spain or Germany in the 16th century, hosting France in the quarterfinals and England or Japan in the semifinal. But if the USA finishes in Group F, the track could be a little easier, with Canada or the Netherlands in 16, Germany or Spain in the quarterfinals and Australia or Brazil in semis. You never know how the group results will break out, of course, and there is no way the United States would try not to win the group, but the punishment for a hiccups against Sweden might not be that big at all.

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The phrase was not worth France any favorites

French probably has the most difficult group of gangs , with South Korea, Norway and Nigeria, and possibly meeting the United States in the quarterfinals is no gift at all for them. The simplest group overall can only be the one in the United States, although Thailand seems to have improved in the last four years since the World Cup debut in 2015. England and Scotland that draw the same group are exciting and the most balanced group overall may be with Canada , Cameroon, New Zealand and the Netherlands. On the big picture, however, FIFA has improved its grubbing-up process impossible on the sides of women and men by making all pull pots (not just the best seeds) based on the FIFA ranking and not just geography. It creates more balance, and that’s good.

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