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Woman shot another sexual assault in Catholic supplies store in Ballwin, Missouri, outside St Louis

BALLWIN, Mo. – Police in suburb St. Louis searched Monday for a gun master who entered a religious service store,…

BALLWIN, Mo. – Police in suburb St. Louis searched Monday for a gun master who entered a religious service store, sexually assaulted at least one woman and shot another woman in her head. The police said the shelter later died in a hospital.

The police initially went from door to door and was looking for the suspected, reported CBS St. Louis affiliates KMOV-TV.

The shelter happened at 3:1

5 am in a Catholic delivery of St. Louis store in west st. Louis County, near the city of Ballwin. The police were looking for a man about 5 ft-7 with a heavy building, about 45-50 years old, which they say should be considered armed and dangerous.

Sagittarius attacks sexually at least one woman – police spokesman Shaun McGuire said he could not confirm media reports that more than one woman was attacked.

It was not clear why the deal was targeted and McGuire did not know if its religious connection was a factor.

“Our hearts go out to the victims of this terrible catastrophe’s tragedy,” said St. Louis Archbishop Robert Carlson on Twitter.

Catholic Supply, describing itself as “one of the largest Catholic retailers in the US”, also went to Twitter:

] McGuire said that the woman who, however, did not know the suspect.

“Of course, it adds to the intensity of our search,” he said.

The shot occurred at a band gallery in a prosperous area of ​​suburban St. Louis along Manchester Road, one of the most congested roads in the region. McGuire said that the large volume of traffic just made the suspect more difficult.

“It was obvious that someone could mix quite easily,” he said.

Catholic Delivery of St. Louis Inc. operates three stores specializing in church supplies for parliaments as well as Catholics. The company’s website states that it also publishes national supply directories. It is family owned – it is not owned by the Archbishop of St. Louis.

Ballwin is about 25 miles west of St Louis.

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