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Woman says the hospital is removed both by her healthy kidneys

Dialysis equipment is mounted on a corridor. People who have had one or both kidneys removed as well as those…

Dialysis equipment is mounted on a corridor. People who have had one or both kidneys removed as well as those with impaired kidneys may require routine dialysis to maintain life. (19459013) Irvin Calicut | 19659014]

A Colorado woman claims that doctors removed both her healthy kidneys and told her that the procedure is necessary. She is now considering legal action over the procedure that changed her life.

Kidney Illnesses

In Colorado, 73-year-old Linda Woolley is considering taking legal action against the University of Colorado Hospital after the doctor claims to have removed both her healthy kidneys in May of May. Apparently, the physicians informed Woolley that they had to remove the kidneys because she probably had kidney cancer. However, the biopsy results from March 201

8 revealed that there was “evidence of malignancy” while biopsy results after surgery showed “no sign of carcinoma”, which means there are no traces of cancer.

As a result of losing both her healthy kidneys, Woolley must now undergo four-hour dialysis treatment three times a week to maintain his life and require at least one healthy kidney. Unfortunately, the waiting period for kidney transplants can last as long as seven years.

Of course, Woolley is unhappy about the situation she is in now and says that dialysis treatments rob her in her life, no matter how much she is used

As said, speaking to a local news station about her situation, at least nine People who are willing to donate their kidney contacted the station.


A nephrectomy is the surgical removal of the kidneys, either one or both, or partially or completely. Those who need to undergo nephrectomy may be those with injured, diseased or cancerous kidneys, but it is also done with an organ donor to remove the healthy donation body.

Interestingly, people only need a kidney even if we have two of them because a single kidney can work as well as two. However, people who have injured or suffered from disease or those who have had both kidneys need dialysis or transplant to survive.

Although a majority of renal donors live long and full life with just one kidney, they still require regular testing to see how well the kidney works.

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