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Witness for Security Guard Security Jemel Roberson: Officer opened fire “not even 5 seconds” after warning

Jemel Roberson was wearing a hat and a shirt that had the word "Security" on them when he was mortally…

Jemel Roberson was wearing a hat and a shirt that had the word “Security” on them when he was mortally killed by a police in Midlothian while an Armed Roberson tried to judge a suspicious early Sunday at a Robbins bar,

Dorian Myrickes , 43, who was injured during the chaotic morning event in the bar, also said that the Midlothian official warned Roberson to release his gun but kicked him within “not even 5 seconds” of the warning.

Myrickes, who spoke Thursday morning from a hospital bed in the suburbs, said another officer on the spot reprimanded the Midlothian police after the robbery of Roberson.

“A policeman said he” Man, you did not have to do it, you did not have to do it. We know these guys. We said they are security, “said Myrickes, who said he was close to out of his harm when he heard that statement.

Myrickes also said that Roberson initially sought help from Midlothian officer to help him judge a suspect from a previous shot that had taken several police officers to the scene.

Myrick’s description of what Roberson was wearing differs from details from a Illinois State Police investigation that said that Roberson had “plain black clothes with no marks like easily identifies him as a security guard. “

The Myrickes account also differs in one aspect from what he previously told the Associated Press. The AP reported that Myrickes” said he never heard the officer tell Roberson to let go of his gun. In a later interview with Tribune, Myrickes said he heard Officer Roberson dropping his weapon before shooting him a few seconds later.

The state police based on testimony, saying that Roberson was told “several times” to let go of his gun.

Myricke’s account adds fuel to the controversy that occurred during the shooting of Roberson, who is black, by the Midlothian official, who is white and then placed in leave. The shelter took place while the officer and police responded to a “shot shot” at Manny’s Blue Room Lounge on Claire Boulevard in Robbins.

In his interview with Tribune, Myrickes said that he and Roberson were part of the six-person security team working on Manny’s Saturday night and Sunday mornings. Myrickes said that he and Roberson initially worked unprotected as intervention staff but that he believes that Roberson either had a suspected weapon or had retrieved his own when he was shot by the official.

He said a battle broke out between two groups of men, and that he and Roberson tried to diffuse the situation.

“So we got four people out through the front door, and we tried to get eight people out on the side door,” said Myrickes from his hospital room. “They became very aggressive and began to threaten our lives. We get them through the door, telling them to make sure they get their people safe, that we do not mean no harm, we just have to break up the altar.” 1

9659014] “Next thing you know, one of the guys pulled a gun out and started firing,” said Myrickes and adds that security guards who work outside the club make sure that male patrons are “popping pretty well” before entering the bar. said he thought the shooter either shot out a gun outside or someone outside sent it to him.

Myrickes said that he and Roberson were the doorway but still inside when the shot started. But before they could close the door, Myrickes said, another person started firing.

“At this time I did not even understand that I was beaten. I stumbled and I fell, “he said, adding a young woman told him he should go up or he should die.

Myrickes said he could hear someone in the group of men who had begun to shoot screaming flashes” meant they wanted a bigger gun to come back.

“Everyone began to panic, run in different directions,” said Myrickes. “I stumbled out the front door… It was when I ran into the Midlothian police who had AR-15, and pointed it straight on my head and said,” Put your hands up. “”

Myrickes said he told the officer he was a security guard and did not shoot him.

“He comes over, puts the flashlight in my face and said,” You’ve been hit, “says Myrickes.” He pulled my shirt back and told me I was beaten by a gun. He was so aggressive, and I said, “Let me go back to the club and warn them for a police to come in with a gun.”

“He drove me past so fast – I made it back to the club – and he jumped up at the bar, pointing the gun to the bartender and shouting:” Come on the ground! “”

Myrickes said there were already other police officers at the bar at that time, but none of them helped Roberson with the suspect from the former shooting as he held gun pressure down on the ground in the foyer just outside the side door.

“He called (for Roberson to) release the gun,” said Myrickes. “Jemel said,” I’m safety. You need handcuffs this guy, stay under control. “We do not want the guy to turn and take the gun from Jemel.”

Myrickes said that since the officer ordered Roberson to release the weapon until the Officer fired the first shot, “not even 5 seconds.”

“The first shot goes in (Roberson’s) leg,” Myrickes said. “(Officer) dares the gun over the bar, everyone is like” Whoa, Whoa “and then (Officer) scots (Roberson) again. I saw that Jemel met for the second time in the side.”

Myrickes said he then crossed , but heard another police in the bar reprimanding the officer who shot Roberson.

“A policeman, a black police with glasses, he said,” You did not have to do it. You did not have to do it. “We know these guys. We said they are security.” “

] Myrickes said he did not recognize the officer who opened fire or the police who gave reprimand.

Myrickes said that none of Midlothian or Robbin’s officers on stage were made first aid to him or Roberson.

Myrickes said he did not feel Again, the Midlothian officer who shot Roberson.

“He was not the only police on the scene, but he was the only one with an AR,” Sold Myrickes. “No other police had taken their weapons.”

Official sources have did not deal with many aspects of the Myrick account, including how many officers were in place, if others had weapons drawn and if another officer called on the Midlothian officer to shoot Roberson. The state police said Wednesday that they did not intend to disclose information at that time.

Cook County Medical Examiner has confirmed that Roberson died of multiple shot injuries.

Myrickes said he believed that Roberson’s man was mutilated, one of the men who opened fire on them, but he did not know if the gun Roberson was on his own or one he had taken away from the shooter.

“Jemel and I were not armed that night,” he said. “Jemel leaves his bulletproof vest and gun in the car. We were inside. I do not know if it was the gunman gun. We park everyone in the parking lot near the back door. Jemel may have had time to get his gun out of his car when the game started to brew He did everything right. He did not deserve to be shot. “

Myrickes said that he and Roberson had worked together, usually on the inside, at the club for a while.

“He was a gentle giant,” said Myrickes. “He would always say Mr. or Mom. Even if he kicked someone out, he would always say,” Hi, go home and be sober and come back and party with us the next day. “He was never disrespectful.” [19659002] Myrickes said he was shot twice in a shoulder and that one of his lungs was collapsed. He said that doctor is considering surgery to repair the lung.

Hans suffocated with emotions when he reminded that Roberson was dead.

“My brother came to the hospital and told me,” he said. “I was hurt, man. The guy was 26. This guy tried to do everything the right way.”

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The protests say that Jemel Roberson was a proverbial “good guy with a gun” – but was shot and killed by a police, yet

Midlothian police mortally shot Jemel Roberson on administrative leave, officials say “

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