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With Voice Recorder Pro – High Quality you will use your Android as a recorder

693 Android terminals include a microphone which can be given more use than talking on the phone. An example of…


Android terminals include a microphone which can be given more use than talking on the phone. An example of what we say is the ability to turn the device into a whole voice recorder, which can sometimes be the most useful. You can achieve this by giving use to the application Voice Recorder Pro – High Quality .

This is a development gratuitous which has a very clear purpose, and the truth is that as we are going to indicate it fulfills its purpose with a fairly large efficiency (yes, it is not the one with the most options, something that is logical since, as we have indicated, there is no need to pay not a euro to get it). In addition, it has the advantage of be translated , something that does not fulfill part of its competition in the stores of applications that there are for Android.

The interface included in Voice Recorder Pro – High Quality is very intuitive and, although there is no side menu, this is not necessary so that all the possibilities that can be managed with this work are carried out from the main screen. An example is accessing the Settings or, of course, starting with a recording directly (this is achieved by clicking on the red button in the central part of the screen and that, due also to its dimensions, there is no doubt about its usefulness). Curious the spectrum band that exists just below, which happens to be the same color as the indicated button when you are in full recording.

Other data that is seen in Voice Recorder Pro – High Quality to have information is the time it takes to record and also the specific quality data that is being used in the process. And, the latter has a direct impact on both the size of the resulting file and the quality of the final recording. By the way, it is not necessary to install any codec to use this application without problems, and in the tests we have done even in terminals with dual-core processing works perfectly. Thus, its compatibility is very wide .

Options offered by Voice Recorder Pro – High Quality

Although there are not many, the ones offered do fit with what may be needed in a development of this type. Thus, for example, it is possible to establish the folder in which you want to save the recordings that are made until a card-like element appears or not in the Notification Bar that allows to control the processes that are carried out. Therefore, there are adequate customization options in Voice Recorder Pro – High Quality.

If you wonder about the possibilities that this development offers when it comes to establishing the quality with which it is recorded, there are two that are available. On the one hand, it is possible to select different recording formats , such as MP3, AMR or PCM, indicating in the selection window the quality offered by each of them. Apart, you can also configure the Encoder Bitrate , which is between values ​​ranging from 32 Kbps to 320 Kbps (the greater the quantity, the more the final file occupies but the better it is listened to). It is even possible to activate and deactivate the execution of processes in stereo.

Therefore, Voice Recorder Pro – High Quality is a development that includes everything a user needs to turn your Android terminal into an entire recorder and, in addition, it is full of options.

Voice Recorder Pro application download – High Quality

This development is possible to download it from the stores Galaxy Apps from Samsung as in Play Store , without it being necessary to pay even one euro. Without a complicated installation process, since it is the usual one, within the developments of this type that cost nothing, it is one of the most we liked it for the quality it offers , its simple operation and that occupies little space in the destination terminal.

With Voice Recorder Pro - High Quality you will use your Android as a recorder

Get the Voice Recorder Pro – High Quality application in Galaxy Apps

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