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With polio-like diseases spreading the nation, a similar illness meets the home News

A Middle Tennessee mother wants to put a face against "polio-like" as a disease that spreads the nation after her…

A Middle Tennessee mother wants to put a face against “polio-like” as a disease that spreads the nation after her son had been diagnosed with something too similar.

It is called transverse myelitis. Unlike acute windy myelitis, it can not be spread. But the symptoms look alike, and the long-term effects can be as fragile.

“It was on a Friday” said Haylee Bush about a day she will not soon forget. After a few hours, her son died from flu-like symptoms to be rushed to the Vanderbilt Children‘s Hospital. “He [wasn’t] moves and he could not sit straight.”

At 10 months old her son Declan was diagnosed with transverse myelitis, paralyzed from the neck.

“It’s a disease with usually unknown cause &#821

1; sometimes infections,” said Dr. William Schaffner, an infectious disease specialist at Vanderbilt University Medical Center, “which also causes inflammation of the spinal cord”.

According to Dr. Schaffner, while transversal myelitis falls under the same umbrella as AFM, it is an important difference.

“Transversal myelitis is rare and occasional,” he said. “It does not seem to be infectious or spreading, while acute windy myelitis, if you have a fall, you start wondering immediately” should we have another case in our society, or general county or state? “

” The two diseases for the individual patient are serious diseases and have serious consequences. “

The cause of both diseases is still a mystery, but as experts explore, Bush wants other families to know what it looks like.

“It continues to be called” polio-like disease “,” the poliological symptoms, “” she said, “but it has a name and it is under the myelitis category.”

“I go To be honest, I just wanted to brush it like flu, but my husband was like,” he does not touch his arms. Attention! He does not move his arms. “I think we were lucky to get it so fast.”

According to Dr. Schaffner is AFM not contagious in the sense that it transfers from person to person. The polio-like virus is worn by spreading, and CDC works to determine what just causes some children who catch it to get paralyzed.

So far, 106 confirmed cases of AFM have been reported in the United States this year. [19659014] Copyright 2018 WSMV (Meredith Corporation). All rights reserved.

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