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Wisconsin Republicans are trying to hobble newly elected democrats

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 Wisconsin capitol

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The contested legislature nine last hours

Wisconsin Republicans have provoked outrage by limiting the power of a newly elected Democratic governor.

If signed by outgoing Republican Governor Scott Walker, the bills will limit the incoming Democrat Tony Evers Authority and his Attorney General.

Protesters have demonstrated at the state capital of Madison for days and accused republicans of trying to rig the system.

But the state republicans say that the accounts only try to balance power.

In the neighboring Midwestern state of Michigan, another republican
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If outgoing Gov Scott Walker approves the bills, the power of the new governor will be limited.

The controversy reflects what took place in North Carolina in 201

6 after a ruling Republican governor was defeated by a Democrat.

In a nine-hour full-evening session that began on Tuesday, Wisconsin Republicans in the state senate drove through a number of proposals that would restrict the governor’s and the Advocate General’s roles.

The party lost both positions to Democrats in the mid-term elections on November 6th.

If Walker approves the bills – and he has given support for the actions – his successor will have to apply for permission from the legislator before seeking changes in different programs.

Additionally, the governor’s ability to deal with early voting and voter ID is calculated.

These are crucial provisions in a presidential swivel state that President Donald Trump has only tight water in 2016.

And the lawyer would no longer be able to remove state from federal trials.

This power would, together with others, go instead to the state legislature, Republicans still dominated.

This would prevent Evers and Attorney General Josh Kaul’s lawyer from succeeding in campaign ceilings such as removing the state from a process against the Obama Affordable Care Act.

The state senate approved 81 people for boards, authorities and councils during the same overnight stay.

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Democrat Tony Evers won the guerrential race by 30,000 or so votes

Governor Walker also approved a judge and two district lawyers.

Protesters were cleansed from the senate galleries shortly after the session began. They chanted: “Shame!”

In a statement on Wednesday, Evers said that “power-hungry politicians” had pushed the changes by “overcoming the will of the Wisconsin people who asked for change.”

But Republicans say the changes blow out of proportion and make sure the Wisconsin government is evenly balanced.

Republican Robin Vos, Speaker of the Wisconsin State Assembly, said on Twitter that “democrats have exaggerated and resorted to hyperbole”.

“The vote is about ensuring that similar government borders exist in Wisconsin, especially during this divided reign.”

Democrats opposed that the other party did not object to such a republican governor’s power.

Republicans have been in charge of Wisconsin for eight years.

Mr Evers won a guratorial contest against Walker with a margin of less than 30,000 votes.

If the bills are challenged through trials, the government can face gridlock next year.

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