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Wisconsin Gov.-elected Tony Evers appeals to commander Gov Walker, considers trial after the state GOP limits its authority

Opponents of an extraordinary session bill filed by the Wisconsin Republican legislators hold Stop Lame Duck signs at a rally…

As top-democrats in the state calling them “sore losers” and “shameful”, the Wisconsin republicans passed a sweeping legislation on Wednesday to limit the powers of the Democratic governor, Tony Evers, when he takes office in January. [19659004] Evers defeated the Republican government Scott Walker in November. Walker has signaled that despite sharp protests, he signs the legislation that revokes authority that the legislator previously delegated to the governor.

But Evers said Wednesday afternoon he will talk to Walker as soon as the bills reach his desk and that if he can not convince him to veto the proposals, he will consider trials and any other option “to ensure that this legislation do not come into practice. “

“The will of the people has been officially ignored by the legislature,” said Evers, adding that the legislature’s actions take us back to November 6, “before the election was completed.”

“Wisconsin would be embarrassed by this,” said Evers.

The vote limits the incoming governor’s authority after an all-night debate was the height of a lama-duck legislative session. Evers and the Democratic Advocate General Josh Kaul warned that the resulting trial would give more gridlock when the new administration took over.

Republicans have cited their desire to protect important Republican achievements from being rejected by Evers. Among them: a massive $ 3 billion subsidized by Walker to bring Foxconn, an important Apple Inc. supplier, to Wisconsin along with thousands of jobs. Evers has said he would like to renegotiate the agreement.

The legislation passed Wednesday would protect the state job agency from his control and let the board choose its leader in September, which would at least delay Evers ability to maneuver the Foxconn subsidy.

The changes would also weaken the governor’s ability to introduce rules that adopts laws. And it would limit early voting to no more than two weeks before a election, a restriction similar to a federal judge who was unconstitutional.

In addition, the proposal would weaken the law firm’s office by requiring a legislative committee rather than attorney general secretary, to reprint to withdraw from federal lawsuits. This would prevent Evers and Kaul from complying with promises to withdraw Wisconsin from a majority trial application aimed at repealing the Affordable Care Act. They raised opposition to that trial as a central part of both their campaigns.

Walker booed at a Christmas tree lighting ceremony Tuesday when the Republicans pushed the action, drowned the gymnasium with “Hey Walker, go home.”

Walker later tweeted that the protesters should “leave the children alone.”

Walker has 10 days to sign the package from the time it is delivered to its office.

Protester Peppi Elder, left and Christine Taylor are signposted during the state Christmas tree litigation ceremony in the state Capitol Rotunda on Tuesday, December 4, 2018 in Madison, Wis. The Senate and the Assembly are set to send dozens of changes in state law to the government. Scott Walker desk. (Steve Apps / Wisconsin State Journal via AP)

Republicans were beaten in the middle of the election in Wisconsin and lost all statewide races in connection with strong democratic division. But they retained legislative majorities.


The GOP Movement comes as Michigan Republicans discuss taking action before a Democratic governor takes over. North Carolina legislators took similar steps two years ago.

The law went on in a session marked by a stop and begins as GOP leaders tried to gather enough votes in the Senate. The House finally approved the package 17-16, with only one Republican who voted against it, around the sunrise. The Assembly approved it on a 56-27 vote about two hours later, with only one Republican defect.

“This is a great way to drive a railroad.”

– The Democratic Senate’s minority leader Jennifer Shilling [19659024] “This is a way to drive a railroad,” said Democratic Senate Minority leader Jennifer Shilling as Senate debate resumed at 5 o’clock after a seven-hour deadlock. “It’s embarrassing that we’re even here.”

“Wisconsin has never seen anything like this,” Evers said in a statement Wednesday. “Struggling politicians rushed through sweeping changes in our laws to expand their own power and consider the will of the Wisconsin people who asked for change on November 6.”

A spokesman for Walker did not immediately answer a question as to how quickly he should act Walker was in Washington on Wednesday for former President George H.W. Bush’s funeral.


Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker arrives at the lights of the state Christmas tree in Capitol Rotunda, Tuesday, December 4, 2018 at the Capitol in Madison, Wis. Senate and Assembly are set to send dozens of changes to state law to Walker’s desk Tuesday. (Steve Apps / Wisconsin State Journal via AP)

In a concession, Wisconsin Republicans supported themselves from giving the legislature the power to surrender the lawyer general and appoint his own lawyer when prosecutors are challenged in court.

Introducing a Democratic Governor for the first time in eight years, Legislative Republicans brought a package of lama-duck accounts to protect their priorities and make it more difficult for Evers to assume his.

“You are here because you do not want to give up the power,” Minority of the Democratic Assembly leader Gordon Hintz said as debate ended in that House. “You are sore losers. Does anyone think that this is the right way to do business? If you vote for this, be ashamed of yourself. You will be in disgrace as a shame.”

Composition specialist Robin Vos opposed the bills ensure a balance of power between the legislature and the executive branch.

“We have allowed far too much authority to flow to executive,” said Vos. “For you, this is just about politics. For me, it’s about the institution.”


Judges could block the proposals if they became Act by issuing temporary regulations, which may last the duration of the cases. Democrats would probably need a permanent ban to stop the changes for good, but the Republicans would almost certainly continue to appeal all the way to the state’s highest court, controlled by conservative justice.

The team approved another action to assume the Medicaid Labor Requirements that Walker recently won a federal exemption to establish. That bill would also provide the legislature with the governor looking for future health exemptions, a change that the Democrats said would make the cuff the new administration.

Protesters have come to Capitol in the last two days as legislators rushed to pass the bills. The thumb is reminiscent of much larger demonstrations during Walker’s time as governor in 2011, when he effectively terminated collective bargaining for most public workers.

Attendees sit in the gallery and listen to the Senate special session, Tuesday 4 December 2018, at the Capitol of Madison, Wis. (Steve Apps / Wisconsin State Journal via AP)

By Wednesday, the Senate rejected a bill that would have created a state guarantee that people with existing conditions could access health insurance. Walker had made it a priority during the campaign, but it failed 16-17 after two Republicans joined the Democrats and voted against it.

Democrats and other opponents claim that the measure provided insufficient coverage and would lead to a rise in premiums, which made the coverage insufficient. Instead, the Democrats support reinforcing coverage guarantees in federal health care law.

Associated Press contributed to this report.

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