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Windy day in Indianapolis overwrites power lines; thousands without power

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File photo: Duke Energy saver repair a power cord. High winds blow through Central Indiana and Indianapolis Fire Department has had a hectic day: They responded to 59 reports of power lines between 1 and 5:30 on Saturday , according to the chairman of the board, Rita L. Reith.

During the same period, the department examined 13 reports of building fires due to downward lines, but none were active fires, according to the department.

Indianapolis Power & Light Workers have been occupied as well: from 7:30 pm Saturday there were more than 31,800 Indianapolis residents without power. Mary Ann Kabel, an IPL spokesperson, said a power station on the southern side of the city went out this afternoon and caused many of the reported interruptions.

Although she could not provide an exact time, Kabel said that the power would be restored in the area early on Saturday night. She said that IPL has additional crews that address the substation and the many reports of downstream power lines.

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IPL advises against approaching downward power lines. If you see one, you can report it by calling 317-261-8111.

IPL customers can report interruptions and receive electrical updates via the IPL mobile app or online at[19659018WarningAdvisorwarnsof45mphwindingsThereisenoughwindtogivedriversofvehiclessuchasboxtrucksandsemi-detachedproblemssaidNWSmeteorologistCrystalPettensodriverswouldbesuretogivebigvehiclesspacealongtheway

The patch said the winds could drop before 10:00 on Saturday and should be back to a more typical 5 to 10 mph Sunday morning.

An announcement on Saturday afternoon at the Notre Dame Stadium was about high winds and asked them in the plant to take shelter. County Music Star Garth Brooks is ready to play the stadium tonight.

The wind delayed show:

Showers were possible northeast of Indianapolis Saturday afternoon into early in the evening and a freezing alert was set between 3 and 10 Sunday for southern Indiana.

The temperature is expected to drop to the lower 30s and upper 20s, according to NWS, so you may want to bring sensitive plants indoors.

The poop said the surprises of the weekend and the rays of the wind are typical for this time of year, as warmer and colder air meets.

“If you have something unsafe like lawn furniture or halloween decorations, they’ll be blown around.”

Windy weather is expected to continue next week, according to NWS, with rain chances late in the week. today with winds around 45 mph in the afternoon to the evening. Spread showers this afternoon, mainly north east. Call this evening! #inwx

– NWS Indianapolis (@NWSIndianapolis) 20 October 2018

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