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Wind & Solar is Empowering Communities & Transforming The Grid

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Posted on December 2, 2018 |

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CleanChoice Energy, in collaboration with CleanTechnica, has created a Clean Energy 101 explainer that makes it easy to understand renewable energy and clean energy. In this article, we will look at the basics of solar and wind power and how they transform societies across the US. To learn more about Clean Energy and CleanChoice Energy, download the full declarant.

The adoption of wind and solar energy is growing at an exponential rate in the United States and around the world. There are many other alternatives for renewable energy such as hydropower, geothermal and biobased gases, but wind and sun are growing rapidly in installed capacity.

Solar Power

Solar power is a broad term that encompasses all technologies that utilize energy coming from the sun. The most common technology used today to utilize solar energy is through solar cells that transform the solar energy into electricity. Solar PV cells are mounted in solar panels that can be installed on rooftops, mounted on the ground or even on water.

PV solar produces energy without releasing carbon dioxide emissions and does not waste water to work, among other benefits. It is no wonder that an assortment of solar options is multiplied rapidly, from the fact that energy consumers become manufacturers with their roofing facilities, for consumers to have access to local solar production through community solar installations and more.

Wind energy (no, we do not call them windmills anymore!) Installed around the world as the cost of solar panels and associated solar infrastructure has declined over the past decade, solar has become a significant part of the US energy mix

Wind Power

at a faster pace than ever before. Wind turbines are unique options because they can be very small and localized (for example, just a small turbine in your home), or much larger (with local wind farms that produce energy for specific cities or counties). One of the most exciting hotspots for wind development is in central US, in states such as Texas and Oklahoma – the heart of the oil country.

The largest wind turbines can be massive and built as manufacturers explore the full potential of wind around the world. These powerful turbines can be installed on land or far into the sea to take advantage of the powerful winds that sweep over the open sea. In Denmark and also in the US, offshore winds are very strong and generate a lot of energy. Some of the latest offshore wind farms even use floating installations.

In combination with the deregulation of electricity markets, these distributed sources of clean energy create new opportunities for customers in some regions of the United States to drive their homes with electricity from wind or solar power. CleanChoice Energy offers a good alternative for consumers seeking an easy way to source their electricity from pure sources.

To learn more about how renewable energy is the way to a cleaner energy future, plus what separates CleanChoice Energy from other power providers, download ” Pure Energy 101: A Renewable Energy Regulator .”

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