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Will we see a Facebook smartphone in the coming months?


Facebook has gone shopping. And we have been able to know that they are looking for engineers to help them create new hardware solutions, according to they have published on their own website . This could be indicative that the social networking giant seeks to open its borders beyond the world of software, or even more, that We could see a Facebook smartphone for next year.

With this move, Facebook could try to compete with other majors in the sector such as Apple or Google, which also have been in the race to produce their own chips.

A manager for SoC / ASIC solutions and software development

If you look at the ad posted by the people of Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook is creating a team to develop hardware focused on “Machine learning” and artificial intelligence, and they need an expert in this type of solutions to lead and coordinate the team.

The own Yann LeCun, developer of Facebook expert in artificial intelligence published in Twwter confirming that they were developing a new chip for artificial intelligence.

Will we see a Facebook smartphone in the coming months?

From the technical point of view, Facebook seeks to create ASIC and FPGA solutions , two types of highly specialized silicons that Facebook could use for specific purposes such as those mentioned. Until now, the company relied on Intel for this type of solution, so creating its own hardware would also entail significant cost savings for the controversial social network.

It is difficult to know at this point if the Facebook smartphone is a real project or if Facebook’s new approach is more focused on the world of servers and data analysis, but it is presumable to think that once a company with the resources of Facebook enters a certain market, end creating solutions of varied type, among which you could find your own SoCs to compete with Qualcomm and Samsung, or even a smartphone completely developed by them.

Of course, we hope that they do better than with the HTC First , since Facebook’s previous foray into the world of telephony was not exactly a success.

A Facebook smartphone? At least not in the short term

Will we see a Facebook smartphone in the coming months?

Will we see a Facebook smartphone in the coming months?

As far as we have been able to know, it is not easy to comply with what Facebook is looking for, and that is that FPGAs and ASICs are difficult to calibrate and modify, as well as quite expensive, so a focus on artificial intelligence and machine learning It requires highly trained personnel, something that is not always easy to find.

Beyond the possibility of a Facebook smartphone, rumors in Silicon Valley suggest that Mark Zuckerberg could be looking for solutions to control the dissemination of information through the use of artificial intelligence, something that makes a lot of sense given the latest scandals related to the US elections and the massive filtering of data. What’s more, everything points to these new hardware solutions being focused on Caffe2, an artificial intelligence infrastructure developed by Facebook.

In view of what has been seen, it seems that it will take us some time to see a Facebook smartphone or that integrates chips manufactured by this company, but said, time to time.