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Will Viggo Mortensen's Racial Slur Scandal Doom His Oscars Chance? – Variety

The controversy over Viggo Mortensen's use of the N word under a new Q & A for his movie "Green…

The controversy over Viggo Mortensen’s use of the N word under a new Q & A for his movie “Green Book” seems to be over, but can he and the movie recover to appear like a true prize winner?

In the immediate days after the event, glowing profiles in the USA today (“Finally, an Oscar for Viggo?” Asked the headline) and keep in mind that the pieces of the competition film shined or completely omitted by the event. The actor, to his credit, was quick to apologize for using the word, which he expressed during a conversation with “Green Book” costar Mahershala Ali and Film Independent programmer and moderator Elvis Mitchell a little over a week ago.

“I tried to argue that the extreme dehumanizing impurity that this word evokes, the hateful attitude behind it, has not disappeared just because white people generally no longer use it as a racist insult,” he wrote in a statement that released after shocked tweets

Ali sent his own statement in the hours after Mortensen’s apology and confirmed how inappropriate the word was, but accepted his co-star’s regret anyway.

Mortensen has continued to appear on the award-winning campaign track and sit for interviews, appearing on the film’s New York Premiere and beating the governor’s ball. On Sunday, Mortensen received a standing ovation on the “Green Book” official academic screening. On Monday, the Santa Barbara International Film Festival announced that he would receive his American Riviera Award, and the annual Palm Springs Festival gives the film its annual Vanguard Award. In turn, the industry – and the wider public – seems to have accepted its desire.

“I think there is a short memory,” says another Hollywood pricing consultant, “otherwise the whole industry would collapse.” What could damage his chances of Oscar more were the soft cash accounts of the weekend. “

The fact is that a limited version downloaded a soft $ 313,000 for the movie on 25 screens. Oral words were expected to increase that number, especially after the film’s surprise audience choice award at the Toronto International Film Festival in September. The film is expanding significantly to 1000 theaters for the Thanksgiving holiday weekend, as it will gain much competition from the recent “Fantastic Beasts” task, “Creed II”, “Ralph Breaks Internet” and “The Grinch.” It is about to generate an intermediate $ 8 million over five-day Thanksgiving weekend.

If the industry has largely forgiven Mortensen for its remarks, it is somewhat surprising. Use of rarely loaded languages ​​and especially the slurry has become a definite line, which, when crossed, is almost impossible to come back from. Two top leaders Jonathan Friedland from Netflix and Amy Powell from Paramount Pictures have been fired in the last five months for allegedly using the slurry in the same way as Mortensen – demonstratively, while discussing hatred in the presence of people of color. 19659004] Impacts have also been difficult for public figures who have made harmful or weakened comments about race. Roseanne Barr was dismissed from his ABC series “Roseanne” after joking about Valerie Jarrett that many were considered racist. Likewise, Megyn Kelly was turned off from NBC News after saying it might be good to have a Halloween response.

“The people who work with Viggo really like him, but he knows better. He has been long enough. He obviously tried to make a statement in a conversation and it is difficult in this loaded atmosphere to say what is sorry and what is not, “a veteran film executive who is also an Oscar vendor told Variety . [19659002] Although the Mortensen incident seems to have meant, the long-term effect could stop the 60-year-old actor’s unexpected speed in the Oscar for best actor this year.

“I would not say right now his chances are hurt because of how fast it went, but do not forget that the demographic within the academy has changed and changed,” said the CEO, referring to the record breaking diversity among the 928 people who was invited to join the Academy Academy this year.

Another potential threat that makes Mortensen vulnerable is the appearance of Christian Bale in the race. The actor produces an early verbal expression of his transformation work in Adam McKay’s “Vice”, where the Chameleon star packed at 45 pounds and a mountain of prostheses to be an impressive fax by Dick Cheney.

Bals’s presence not only splits the field for months long suspected Bradley Cooper (“A Star is Born”), he is immediately a “more tasty” choice in comparison with Mortensen, said another voter. There is also the long-standing threat of Rami Malek, who appeared to be the only contender from The challenged release of Freddie Mercury’s biopic “Bohemian Rhapsody.”

There is a chance that the messages behind the “Green Book”, a contributing media production and Universal Pictures release, can still win over the audience and find the steam to Chug for February Oscars. But even the core lessons in the film fail to argue with some critics who believe that the film is tampered with the racial prejudices it aims at highlighting and treating the historic blacksmith’s abuse by a glibness that is inappropriate to find humor where there is no .

In particular, several have told a scene where Mortensen’s character, a rough Italian guy employed to drive Ali’s Jamaican American concert pianist through the deep south, teaches his client how to properly cook fried chicken.

“[Mortenson]] also insists that he is the black of the two because of his own working class background,” wrote cultural analyst Cate Young in his review for Jezebel. She also relied on the actor with the help of the race slam.

“It’s certainly hard to get upset about the event because it’s as round as an indication of the removal of which white audience will engage in this movie,” she concluded.

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