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Will this be Huawei’s folding screen phone?

474 In October of last year we told you about the Asian manufacturer’s intention to develop a flexible device. And…


In October of last year we told you about the Asian manufacturer’s intention to develop a flexible device. And now we can confirm this fact through patents that show what the Huawei flexible screen phone.

Although many of us expected it to be Samsung the first manufacturer to launch a phone with a folding screen, the expected Samsung Galaxy X finally it was ZTE who took the cat to the water with the ZTE Axon M , a terminal with flexible double screen that has a design, at least, innovative. But it seems to confirm that Huawei does not want to be left behind and has spent time working on its own phone with folding screen.

It must be said that Richard Yu, CEO of Huawei already stated in October last year that they were working on their own phone with folding screen so we are not talking about a rumor, but a reality.

Will this be Huawei's folding screen phone?

This is the patent for Huawei’s folding screen phone

As you can see in the image that heads these lines, the Chinese manufacturer wants to launch its own solution with folding screen . Huawei is positioning itself as one of the best manufacturers in the sector, with its latest b uques flags breaking records in DxOMark showing that the Huawei P20 camera and Huawei P20 Pro are the best on the market. But Huawei wants more.

Keep in mind that this patent is just a concept and Huawei phone with folding screen may not have this design finally. Or if? To say that this patent was presented on September 19 and that today it has been filtered showing what its design would look like.

This patent, titled “Folding mechanism for mobile terminal” shows a device that would have a single screen , unlike the two-screen system used by ZTE, which can be opened and closed as if it were a book through a mechanism that functions as a hinge thanks to the use of a hard support structure and a second rigid structure that allows folding the screen frequently without it suffering any damage.

By the size we can think that this device could do both tablet and smartphone functions thanks to its folding screen that we would use based on our needs.

We do not know when we will see the new generation of phones with folding screen Huawei , Samsung and other manufacturers that are committed to this technology, but seeing how this market is evolving, we are sure that the next edition of CES in Las Vegas, the largest consumer electronics event in the world, will be the ideal showcase for the main manufacturers show their first flexible phones.

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