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Wife of “all-right” leader Richard Spencer says he is addictive in every way in divorce archiving | courts

The Irish wife of Dallas-born Richard Spencer has accused the "all right" leader of being "physical, emotional, verbal, and financially…

The Irish wife of Dallas-born Richard Spencer has accused the “all right” leader of being “physical, emotional, verbal, and financially abusive,” reported BuzzFeed News.

Nina Koupriianova accounted for her accusations against Spencer when she filed for divorce in a Montana court in June.

In court documents recently received by BuzzFeed, Koupriianova said that, in one case, Spencer hit her down the stairs of her legs, arms and hair and threw her on the couch while she was ill because he wanted to watch a movie.

Much of the abuse occurred in front of the couple’s two young children, stated the documents.

In court talks, Spencer contested many of Koupriianova’s accounts and “denies each and every claim” including that he has increased his alcohol consumption, which “contributes to his aggressive and irregular behavior and reduces his impulse control,” BuzzFeed reported.

The couple marries 201

0 and has lived separately since July 2017. A referee has denied his attorney’s attempt to get his divorce archive sealed, BuzzFeed reported.

The applications include screenshots of conversations between the two where Koupriianova refers to some of the addiction as well as pictures that indicate her bruises.

Koupriianova said that Spencer would tell her that “the only language women understand is violence,” BuzzFeed reported. Koupriianova has been reluctant to call a police officer or receive a protective order for fear of “further reprisals” by Spencer, her lawyers said in the documents.

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