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Why You Need a New Winter Skincare Routine

That calming morning chill in the air is a welcome change, after all, that heat we had to endure over…

That calming morning chill in the air is a welcome change, after all, that heat we had to endure over the summer months. Finally, it’s time to enjoy the outdoors without having to worry about your skin burning to a crisp. But just as the weather changes, your skin also changes. This means that you have to swap your summer routine with a new winter skincare routine by switching your skin care products; the same way you swap your wardrobe (and most probably your diet).

Unlike the summer months, when humidity levels are high leading to sweat and excessive oil production, the low humidity levels and dry winds in winter take away all the natural moisture from your skin, leaving it dry and more susceptible to damage. While your summer skin care products will have ingredients that are light on the skin, their winter skincare routine counterparts will be richer with a long-lasting effect. Therefore, your skincare routine may remain the same, while the products you use will differ. The skincare experts at Himalaya have some suggestions on specific products that should be making their way to your winter skincare routine.

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Winter Skincare Routine Tips


During the winter months avoid washing your face too often; twice a day using lukewarm water is ideally recommended. Also replace the gel or foaming facewash you have been using until now, with a cream based one. As the name suggests, cream based cleansers have an in-built moisturizer that is gentler on the skin and prevents it from drying. In fact, it will help keep your skin soft and supple during the dry and flaky winter months.


When switching to a winter skincare routine, opt for a richer, creamier, moisturizer which is made from ingredients that have natural oils like Olive, yogurt etc. These ingredients will keep your skin hydrated for longer without making it look oily. A moisturizer is a must for even those with an oily to combination skin type. Look for an oil-free moisturizer that controls the oil and provides balanced moisture. Moisturize your face and body using a winter-appropriate face and body cream, respectively.

Why You Need a New Winter Skincare Routine

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Exfoliation works wonders during the winter months, as it removes all the dry and dead skin cells that lead to dull skin, to reveal a healthier complexion. However, make sure you check the ingredients in your winter scrub. While natural ingredients like orange and neem work well for the summer, look for ingredients like apricot, Argan oil, wheat germ oil and walnut in your winter scrubs. These ingredients help in moisturizing as well as removing flaky dead skin.

Hand and Foot Cream

Your winter skincare routine should go beyond the face. Using a hand and feet specific cream is absolutely important in the cool months. A good hand cream will moisturize and keep your hands smooth and soft, while a foot cream will keep cracked and dry heels at bay.

Have you renewed your winter skincare routine yet? What are your thoughts on this?

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