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Why was the SC Sheriff's alternate shot Thanksgiving in Jasper County

One person is dead and two others are injured after police responded to a "domestic" event early Thursday morning in…

One person is dead and two others are injured after police responded to a “domestic” event early Thursday morning in Ridgeland.

The event ended after a barricade-type situation when a SWAT team entered a trailer and found the suspected deceased from apparent self-harm.

Jasper County Coroner Martin Sauls said Thursday afternoon that the deceased is 36 years old Jason Cribb, of Ridgeland. He confirmed that Cribb was the only person who died during the incident.

Saul said that Cribb died of an obvious self-inflicted shotwind.

S.C.. The law firm’s spokesman Thom Berry said his agency was informed of an officer-involved shot just before 6 o’clock on Thursday after a Jasper County Sheriff’s Office deputy had been injured by gunfire while responding to the incident in the 1

800s Bees Creek Road. [19659006] A woman was also taken at a certain point in the event, Berry told, according to information he had received from officials on the site. He added that SLED investigators were still in place and worked to merge events from kl. 14.00.

However, it suspected Berry saying “seems to be” a self-inflicted shotwind.

The law enforcement authorities have blocked Bees Creek Road traffic after a Deputy Republic of Jasper County was shot while responding to a Thursday morning call.

Wade Livingston [email protected]

It was a crushing start to the Thanksgiving holiday in Graham Hall community, as residents woke up with loud shots and later later sirens and blue lights by responding deputies and officers.

The community is close and often quiet, say the residents, which

And while the injured deputy has been treated in Savannah, that person’s status, like the female victim’s condition, has not been published at this time.

Chris Pideck, whose house is located directly across Bees Creek Road from where the event occurred, said he woke up at 5:30 with a loud ” BOOM !”

“And in a minute, go and) BOO M !” He said.

While people chase deer in the area, he said that he knew the noise was too high and too close to be someone shooting a bucket.

“It sounded like a shotgun goes out into my garden,” he said, “or a transformer blowing up.”

He and Matt Garbade ran down and saw from their porch as police cars with violent sirens and blue lights competed for the stage.

Garbade said he saw the mouth blinking across the road as officer and the suspect switched shot.

Sporadic shooting followed for what he and Pideck estimated to be 10 to 15 minutes.

“It took (officer) a while to get into the trailer (where the suspect was) is what it looked like us,” said Garbade.

Berry said the two Jasper County deputies and a department chief of Hardeeville police initially responded to the scene.

At a certain point, the suspected barricade in the trailer, Berry said, but a Jasper County SWAT team eventually went home to find that person dead.

The injured deputy was flown to Memorial Hospital in Savannah, according to a post on the Jasper County Sheriff Office Facebook Page. At 9 o’clock in the evening, the deputy was “recovered from surgery where there were possible coal fragments or a pellet from a gun gun shell into the eye.”

The female victim was also moved to the hospital according to the Sheriff’s Office. [19659027] Sauls said that Cribb’s autopsy was planned for Friday at the Medical University of South Carolina Hospital in Charleston. said that officials could get the results of that procedure as early as tomorrow, but probably also want to conduct a toxicological investigation.

confirmed Thursday morning that he had been called to the place but said he could not yet pass any further information.

Jasper County Sheriff Chris Malphrus could not be reached immediately for comments.

Two messages left with the staff at the sheriff’s office shipment center had not returned from 2:00 on Thursday.

The Sheriff’s Office closed Bees Creek Road while investigating the event but opened the road around 10:45

In a post on the Facebook page of the Office, Malphus thanked police departments from Ridgeland and Hardeeville and the SC Dept of Natural Resources “for their help during this happening.”

Pideck said the trailer was a rental, one that went over every six months or so.

He said he knew they lived there but did not feel them well.

He and Garbade said they were still planning to celebrate Thanksgiving – they’d start to cook a turkey soon, they said.

“That makes you appreciate your family a little more,” said Pideck when he asked to reflect on the events of the morning.

“And want to keep them close.”

This story will be updated. 19659037]
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